Senior Dog Sanctuary Is Complete Paradise For Older Pups Without Homes

Sep 19, 2020 by apost team

Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary in New Jersey is a safe haven for older dogs over seven years of age. The sanctuary cares for dogs that have been abandoned — intentionally or due to circumstances such as the owner's passing. Whatever the circumstances are that made them homeless, the staff at Marty's welcomes them with open arms and lots of love.

Whether dogs at Marty's want to play in the pool or just cuddle in someone's lap, staff and volunteers are there to oblige. The dogs range in age from 10 to 18, and thus the physical capabilities run from one end to another. Some are very active while some are approaching the need for total care.

They go on long walks, swim in the pool, play with their buddies, or just simply relax on the couch. They are free to participate in the activities they love. Whatever their physical state of being is, there is enough love and skill to care for each one according to their needs.

Americans spend billions of dollars on pet care, reports AAHA. Some dogs are considered not just as family pets but an intrinsic part of the family. There are even terms such as "human mom" to describe the special relationship between a dog and his owner. But, when it comes to caring for animals, it is not always so picture-perfect. Just like humans, animals grow old, and that can change the family dynamic.

According to the ASPCA, thousands of dogs are euthanized every year to, allegedly, relieve them of suffering. The animal has no say in that decision, however. One of the many reasons pet owners relinquish their animals is the overwhelming responsibility of caring for an older pet or the exorbitant associated costs.

Whatever the reason, owners relinquish their pets to shelters or pounds in droves. But none of that matters to the staff at Marty's. When a dog comes into their care, they are only interested in the present and future happiness of the animal.

In a world that has thousands of unwanted animals, it's nice to know there are places like Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary. The dogs know they are loved and the owner believes that they appreciate the care they receive. While the great folks that work at the sanctuary may not want accolades for their work, society is better for them and what they do.

Their work is appreciated and does not go unnoticed. The sanctuary has received press coverage in the past, including a segment on Good Morning America. So, thank you staff and volunteers at Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary for what you do for vulnerable, sick, and abandoned dogs, and for this country.

If you know of a dog lover who is caring for an older pet, tell them about this article. Remind them of how important their work is to the animals that need them. And let us know what you think of Marty's sanctuary!

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