Senior Couple Takes The Stage For Rockabilly Jive While Putting Youngsters To Shame

Sep 10, 2021 by apost team

Once we reach a certain age in life, we may feel obliged to comply with current societal norms or expectations, whether that be dressing a certain way or not engaging in certain activities anymore. But one elderly couple from Germany seeks to redefine the idea of "normal" in today's society and as they prove, you do not have to be young to stay active — or have a lot of fun!

Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut love strutting it down on the dance floor. They have been dancing together for several decades and their old age does not seem to bother them as they sway joyfully to the music. The Ehrentrauts attended the Rock That Swing Ball in April 2020 and were not afraid to show the audience what they had in store for them. This couple was ready to show the world what they could do in their dance routine that fateful day. 

Swing dance has made its reappearance in today's society as we see more veterans and newbies gather together to dance the night away. One part of swing dancing that is key is the look — dancers dress in retro looks that harken back to the golden era of swing that began in the 1920s.

The Ehrentrauts were no exception, as they came dressed in vintage clothing so bold that it caught the attention of almost everyone. Dietmar was wearing a brown, three-piece suit and matching wing-tip shoes while his partner was dressed in a gorgeous green dress that moved perfectly to the couple's dancing. 

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Their moves were full of energy and the couple seemed to be enjoying themselves greatly as they moved in unison. With their hips shaking and movements on time with the beats, it was obvious that the couple had the energy of teenagers. It is rare to find a couple with young hearts such as these two, as they danced to the song "Down the Road Apiece" by Johan Blohn and the Refreshments.

As soon as the song began playing, the couple instantly took center stage in the ballroom and wowed everyone with their moves. The audience was stunned by the energy that the couple put into their performance. At first glance, you probably would not be able to tell that this couple was elderly. Although, their silver hair might be an indication.

The gentleman seemed to have a really strong physique as he was able to keep his balance while spinning his partner around. He was effortlessly twirling her around repeatedly and she did not falter either. Her dance was full of grace and she was surprisingly light on her feet for her age. She did not have a problem being twirled around multiple times and in fact, equally matched the energy of her partner. 

The couple did not constrain themselves to basic moves either. As the song went on, they went on to attempt stunts, slides and fabulous poses, with Nellia even dropping down to the floor at one point! The dance itself seemed to be difficult for their age, however, the couple performed it effortlessly with the skills of young, professional dancers.

The energy and enthusiasm of this couple were infectious and the audience was mesmerized from the start, hanging on to their every step and twirl. The crowd absolutely loved their performance! If you have not watched the video yet, we highly recommend seeing it. We are pretty sure you have never seen a senior couple so in tune with the beat and with the energy of teenagers.

In fact, their video has clearly made an impression on audiences around the world, as it's now been viewed over 17.5 million times since it was uploaded in April of last year! People from different countries came together in the comments to write about how incredible Dietmar and Nellia's performance was. One person wrote:

“Heck yeah, I give this couple a 10 out of 10. I mean given their age and mobility challenges, if any, I think we all should give them their due. This was great to watch. They look like they were having fun…… We want more!!!” 

Meanwhile, another added:

"They do that just the way a boogie should be done. And she looks so happy and full of life. What an inspiration! I’ll never complain about aches and pains again."

Yet a third viewer was mesmerized at how wonderful their performance was, writing:

“I actually WEPT…..for the JOY of seeing this! One of the most beautiful things i have ever seen!”

We can write about their performance all we want but it's simply best enjoyed when seen for yourself. For now, we still haven't seen any newer videos from the pair, but who knows what they might have in store for us next! 

What do you think about this couple's dance? We think it's great to see elderly people with such youthful hearts. Be sure to watch the video of their performance and tell your friends about it. We would love to hear what you and your friends think! 

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