Selfless Mom Shields Her Baby From Attack By Mother Nature With Her Own Body

Weather can change quickly and without warning. Many of us have experienced a sunny day that has all of a sudden changed into a terrible one. One moment the world is calm and collected, the next moment you are caught in the middle of a howling storm.

It can be a scary and unsettling thing to have happen, especially when you are a mother trying to take care of your child.

Fiona Simpson is one mother who had to experience a sudden change in weather as she drove with her grandmother and child in her vehicle. According to Global News, As they were driving, Fiona found herself in the very middle of one of nature’s worst weapons, a supercell tornado. While no one wants to be caught in a tornado, this was one that attacked with a ton of hail and several knots of wind.

Not only did hail start raining down on the vehicle, it was hail the size of large tennis balls. As they crashed into the windshield, the glass began to shatter around her and her family immediately. However, Fiona was able to keep her wits about her even while facing a frightening storm.

As the storm grew worse and worse around her, Fiona quickly pulled over to the side of the road. After she parked, she shielded her young child from the hail with her own body as huge chunks of solid ice came flying down onto her. Despite the pain she felt, this brave young mother never moved. She continued to shield her daughter from the hail with her own body.


Luckily, the storm subsided enough for rescue workers to arrive and take the three occupants to the hospital. None of the three were seriously injured, although professionals say that it was Fiona’s quick thinking that saved her baby from serious harm.

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