Selfless Men Give Abandoned Calf Second Chance At Life

Jul 29, 2020 by apost team

This year a unique video has spread across the internet, warming the hearts of countless viewers around the world. It has also shown that there is a lot of beauty in the human spirit and true compassion for members of the animal community. This video that has touched so many viewers around the globe shows a group of tourists, including popular YouTuber TheTravellingClatt (a.k.a. Tal Oran), in Sri Lanka saving a baby cow that they found clinging to life on a beach that they were visiting.

A Troubling Initial Scene

When a pair of travel vloggers visiting Sri Lanka took a trip to a local beach, they found more than they bargained for. What Tal and Brandon found was a baby cow that was lying nearly lifeless on the beach. They realized that the little cow was still alive, if only just barely. In a moment of pure kindness, they decided that they would do what they could to help this little baby cow have a second chance of life.

These kind tourists figured that this little cow might have nearly drowned, but they were determined to see if they could help it out, according to Animal Channel. Tal was able to walk for a short bit of time but still did not seem to be well. They made the choice to carry the little cow off the beach and to take it somewhere that more help could be found.

Seeking Out Some Much-Needed Help

The tourists were able to bring this poor little sick cow to a facility run by the Sri Lankan Navy. They were able to make contact with officials that work for the country's Department of Wildlife Conservation. These actions were instrumental in saving the life of this sweet little cow.

Returning the Little Cow to His Home

This conservation official was instrumental in helping to get this adorable little cow feeling better. It was at that point that these kind tourists were able to take the cow back where they found him so that he could be reunited with all of the members of his family.

The entire scene is simply moving and is a must-see for all of the devoted animal lovers around the world that have their hearts moved by these kinds of beautiful stories.

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