Seemingly Healthy Teenager Passes Away After Doctors Mistake Life-Threatening Condition For Constipation

A healthy teenager from Porth, Wales, came across an unusual health condition that not many people have heard of. The boy, named Jack Dunn, was only seventeen and seemingly healthy when something unexpected happened that brought him severe pain and discomfort. The boy began having extreme pains in his stomach region and was even having difficulty walking normally due to the excruciating pains.

Alarmed by what was happening to their son, as any parent would be, his parents rushed him to a hospital in the area in order to find out what was wrong with their young son. Once at the hospital, doctors tried to help the boy by giving him numerous tests to determine what the underlying issue of his aches and pains were. The results came back and were shocking, but seemed to relieve everyone in the room as it wasn't a life-threatening issue.

Jack was diagnosed with severe constipation. After his diagnosis, the doctors prescribed a certain type of laxative that would be able to help ease his harsh symptoms, and Jack was sent home in order to recover in peace.

However, the suffering ended there for Jack. Just twenty-four hours after his discharge from the local hospital, his father, named Kieron, found him dead in his room. After his passing, Jack’s parents maintain that the doctors weren’t that worried about Jack’s extreme stomach pains.

After a stomach scan to make sure that his appendix wasn’t rupturing, they seemed to think it was routine constipation and sent the boy on his way. According to Jack’s father, he also underwent a bladder scan and no worrying results came up, causing them to return home with their son where the tragedy occurred.

Even with their testing and evaluation of Jack’s condition, it seems that his doctors were unable to find the actual cause of Jack’s pains, which turned out to be diabetic ketoacidosis.

This condition is a complication that arises in people that have diabetes. It happens when the body makes increased levels of ketones, which are a type of blood acids. Jack’s parents realize that if their son was given a glucose test, this unfortunate and heartbreaking circumstance could have been avoided.

Because he was not tested for this condition, nothing looked severely wrong with Jack and he died misdiagnosed. When doctors realize that they have a case of ketoacidosis on their hands, insulin or other simple prescriptions can easily treat and alleviate symptoms.

Aside from intense stomach aches, other symptoms of the condition can include confusion, extreme thirst, fatigue, quick breathing and an unusual urge to urinate frequently. Jack’s parents look at the situation as an unfortunate case of misdiagnosis by the doctors and realize that if he was looked after more thoroughly he could still be alive.

Although they may never recover and be able to forget this heartbreaking loss, they now want to spread the word about ketoacidosis in an attempt to save other potential lives. Have you ever heard of this condition?