Security Camera Captures A Labrador Retriever Covering His Owner To Keep Her Warm

Sep 21, 2020 by apost team

There's no better place to sleep than right next to your dog. In this video released in September 2020, a girl snoozes next to her labrador retriever, who looks after her in the sweetest way possible. As her blanket falls off her through the night, the loyal dog grabs it and covers his owner, before snuggling up to her once again. What a loyal and loving pet!

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This footage was taken by a security camera, which is why it's so spontaneous and sweet. The low camera quality creates a calm and sleepy filter over the entire video.

The girl in the video actually installed this security camera to keep an eye on her dog overnight. She suspected that her intelligent pup was moving around, and like any good pet parent, she wanted to make sure he was safe. Because the girl always lets her dog sleep next to her, she pointed the camera right at the bed. Luckily, it looks like her loyal dog doesn't leave her side at any point throughout the night.

A Girl and Her Dog

This girl and this dog clearly feel safe around each other. At the start of the video, the dog is curled around the girl's side. She sleeps peacefully, knowing that her best friend is there to keep watch.

The dog is a labrador retriever, a breed known to be one of the sweetest and smartest in existence. Although the girl clearly sees him as her puppy, the dog has the wisdom of a few years—which might be why he's so protective of his best friend.

The Warmth of a Blanket

Both the dog and the girl are tucked under the blanket when the footage starts. The dog is snuggled up close, but it looks like the girl has been tossing the blanket around in her sleep.

A few seconds in, the girl's arm moves, and the blanket shifts down. For a moment, the scene is still. Then, the dog notices the change and sits up a little. Like any good guard dog, he inspects the situation and makes sure that the night hasn't been disturbed.

A Sweet Solution

The big lab realizes that the girl must be cold. He wants her to sleep peacefully, so he leans over and grabs the blanket with his mouth. Then, he sits back and pulls the blanket up to the girls' chin. Satisfied, he settles back down to sleep.

The girl herself doesn't seem to wake at any point during the video. She loves and trusts her dog, and she knows that he'll take care of her until the morning comes. Still, she didn't realize just how much her dog actually watched over her. When she saw the footage in the morning, she was completely amazed.

This scene is remarkable but not shocking. This dog is intelligent, caring, and well-trained; he sees that his girl is cold, and he does what he can to fix the situation. The girl is lucky to have such a loving pup to watch over her every night.

The second the girl saw this footage, she knew that the world had to know about her amazing dog. Do you think your pet would take as good care of you as this lab did to his owner? Tell your friends about this story so they can see just how wonderful this sweet lab really is.

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