Scientists Claim That Keeping Babies Barefoot For Longer Could Increase Their Intelligence

Jul 22, 2018 by apost team

If you've been looking for a good excuse to stop buying expensive baby shoes your little one will grow out of in a heartbeat, here it is. Dr. Kacie Flegal, a chiropractor who is accredited by the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, claims a positive correlation between keeping toddlers and babies barefoot and intelligence.

Dr. Flegal reasons that children need to fully exercise their sensory systems, something that walking barefoot effectively accomplishes.

Kacie Flegal believes the proprioceptive and vestibular systems play a key role in her findings. Babies who walk around barefoot exercise both of these networks directly by learning to walk on spots of earth that don't hurt.

Proprioception - a fancy science word you'll probably never hear again - is able to bring together motion and positioning. This means that when people move their limbs, the proprioceptive system guesses where those particular limbs will end up. Alija

The vestibular system is similar to the proprioceptive network; the former helps humans stay balanced both while walking and while moving limbs in any direction. People are able to find their center of gravity using the vestibular system, says Dr. Flegal.

How might these systems - the proprioceptive and vestibular systems - develop as quickly and as thoroughly as possible?

Think for one moment and try to answer this question yourself.

The more sensory input the human body receives, the further the aforementioned two physical and mental networks are developed. Young people, particularly babies, who aren't exposed to enough stimuli are not privy to the same well-developed systems that their active counterparts are.

Dr. Kacie Flegal reminds parents that babies should wear shoes sometimes, like when they're playing sports, at dance rehearsals, in formal settings, and other situations in which going barefoot wouldn't be considered appropriate. Unless your child is nearby tacks, nails, and broken glass - and as long as you're supervising him or her - feel free to allow your child to walk with no shoes on.

The top-notch chiropractor says the vestibular and proprioceptive systems can be developed by using hands, arms, and the entire body. However, feet are far more appropriate for these purposes because feet are absolutely loaded with nerve endings and other cells responsible for sensory input. Further, feet are more closely connected to children's brains than any other part of the body.

Lastly, increased barefoot walking and running yields greater strength of the neuromuscular system.

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