School Suspends 11-Year-Old Girl After She Recorded Teacher Bullying Classmate

Oct 24, 2019 by apost team

When 11-year-old Brianna Cooper heard her fellow classmate being reprimanded in a manner she felt was unfair, she decided to get her phone out and record the interaction.

Brianna told WPTV news that the instance was not this first time that a particular teacher behaved inappropriately towards a student. In order to prove that the science teacher was, in fact, bullying her fellow student, the 11-year-old decided to pull out her phone and start recording.

However, when Brianna took the recording to a teacher, she found herself being called into the principle's office. The school claims the recording violates the school's privacy rules and therefore chose to suspend Brianna for 5 days as a disciplinary measure.

"I thought I did the right thing," said Brianna. 

Her mother has since gone public about the incident, saying she is afraid the school's actions might "send the wrong message" to children who want to do the right thing. 

You can get the full story in the video below: 

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