School Bully Left Teen With Fractured Skull And Severe Brain Injury, Will Have To Learn How To Walk, Talk Again

A 16-year-old boy in Elko, Nevada suffered serious brain trauma as a result of an encounter with a bully on January 17.

As told by FOX13, the bully had been making life miserable for Neo Hobbs for several months and the teenager was often afraid to go to school. The bully has not been identified due to his age and the school Hobbs attended is not saying much about the incident.

The fact a child seeking an education at a public school could end up being taken to the hospital and slipping into a coma should be something that disturbs us all. It also highlights the inability of schools to protect children from bullies.

These children are often not willing to step forward and identify their bullies because they do not feel a system is in place to protect them from further torment. Sadly, enduring the current level of torment seems to be the better option for these children.

Neo's family is devastated with grief. There were times at the beginning of the ordeal they did not think the teenager would survive his injuries.

The district superintendent for Elko explains the incident as a fight between two students involving a few punches. However, the evidence does not seem to match the explanation.

Doctors who treated Neo conclude he was hit with an object. They feel it unlikely such head trauma could result from a punch or subsequent fall. Neo's skull was fractured and his brain experienced both bruising and bleeding.

Doctors say the teenager's brain was moved to another position inside his skull. It is sobering to consider that one child could possess the rage necessary to inflict such an injury to another child.

Neo's mother, Sandra Davidson, fights through tears while explaining she never expected 'something like this' to happen to her son at school. She said her son had spoken to her about the bullying he endured at school on multiple occasions.

Sandra says her son was terrified of a student who he felt was violent. The distraught mother says she wanted to go to school officials with the complaint but was begged by her son not to do so.

Neo faces a long road to recovery. He must learn to do the simplest things like walk, talk, and feed himself once again. The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with the mounting hospital bills.

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