Scared Dog Gets Rescued From Middle Of Busy Motorway

Fear isn't an enjoyable emotion. In fact, this feeling even has the power to leave some people and animals paralyzed. Unfortunately, one cute little soul had to endure such an experience after being abandoned on a busy highway in Romania.

This story could have had a terrible ending if a brave soul hadn't decided to step in and save the poor pup.

Ovidiu Rosu, a veterinary surgeon, happened to be driving down the exact same road on which the dog was abandoned according to the video description. He noticed the scared dog hiding under a railing in the middle of two lanes. The surgeon pulled over and knew he had to be careful in order to save this animal.

Ovidiu daringly crossed the busy highway and crouched down in order to reach the dog. He moved slowly to ensure he wouldn't frighten the dog even further. It's clear that the dog instantly trusts the surgeon because he begins crawling towards his rescuer.

After just a few caring pats on the back, Ovidiu has already won the affection of the dog. He then carries the dog across the road to safety. The entire incident was captured on camera by Ovidiu's friend and we are so happy that it was.

The dog has since found a loving home that will care for him much better than his previous owner. One of the remarkable things about dogs is their ability to read human behavior and emotions. They're intelligent creatures that are unrelentingly loyal and faithful.

While we're talking about people rescuing animals, we might as well bring up another video that shows a police officer playing the role of hero.

It's an excellent example of the many times these brave officers save lives. A truck driver, presumably allowing his pup to get fresh air, began to pull away slowly. His dog was trying desperately to catch up to the truck.

Fortunately, an officer acted very quickly to help stop the truck driver before anything bad happened. The cute little dog was able to keep up with the truck for the beginning but would have certainly been too slow at one point.

Luckily, this point never arrived, as the truck driver eventually slowed down and stopped. The dog must have been wondering why such a crazy thing happened. He was certainly happy to know that the officers were helping to stop the truck.

If you found this story inspiring, show it to a family member or friend who loves animals. Have you ever seen a daring rescue first hand?