Scaffolder Frees Dogs From A Locked Car In 90+ Degree Weather And Confronts The Owner

We've all heard about the dangers of leaving pets in hot parked cars, but it seems that some owners still haven't gotten the message. This advice is especially crucial during heatwaves, such as one that recently hit Sussex. That's where a scaffolder from Crawley named Danny Cruttwell noticed two sweet pups who were left in a desperate situation by their owner. He knew he couldn't stand by and watch them suffer.

Danny noticed the woman get out of her car and leave her dogs behind at Tesco Extra's car park in Broadbridge Heath, which is located in Horsham, Sussex. He was appalled when he thought of them being stuck in that oven-like vehicle in such extreme heat, which registered on his car's temperature gauge at 33°C/91°F.

Danny wanted to raise awareness of the danger of such behavior. So while he was rescuing the dogs, he turned on the camera on his phone to capture the entire scenario. He wanted to have ample evidence of what was taking place.

The video he posted to Facebook rapidly went viral, receiving over a million views from concerned dog lovers throughout the world.

As he started recording, Danny walked over to the vehicle to set the dogs free. Thankfully, he found the car door unlocked. The friendly dogs seemed grateful to get out of their sweltering enclosure. Danny thoughtfully gave them some water which they lapped up eagerly.

When the woman approached her car and saw Danny, the two exchanged words. She huffily said she had only left the dogs for a matter of seconds. Danny called her out on that inaccurate statement, informing her that he had three entire minutes recorded with her completely out of sight.

He berated her for leaving the dogs stuck in the car, reminding her that such hot temperatures could actually kill her innocent pets. He stroked the pup's fur while allowing them plenty of time to rehydrate after their ordeal. Check out the video footage Danny captured showing the whole event from beginning to end.

What do you think about this woman's irresponsible actions and defensive response? Do you think Danny handled the situation the right way? Let us know your thoughts! Pass this story along to your friends and family to remind them about the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars!