Save Your Life With Lemons And Manage Positive and Negatives Energies

May 22, 2018 by apost team

Your well-being, health, and moods are affected daily by negative and positive energies present in the spiritual world even though you cannot see these forces with your naked eyes. An unbelievable way to gain control and manage these forces involves the use of lemons!

This concept is not a new one and has been used for many years by Feng Shui practitioners and by Buddhist monks to keep negative energies at bay. What follows are 5 different ways to do just that.

Carry Lemons When You Travel

Placing a lemon in your pocket and taking it with you as you travel can protect you from negative energies you may encounter while you are on the go. The lemon will dry up rapidly as it meets with negative energy wherever you go. As this happens, replace it with a fresh lemon.

Combine Lemon And Salt

To halt negative vibes and energies from entering and spreading through your home add salt on a lemon. Cut the lemon into 4 slices and spread salt on each slice being careful to ensure that the salt stays inside the lemon. Place the slices at the home entrance and the lemon will absorb and remove negative vibes emitted from anyone who approaches the doorstep. For best results, this technique should be repeated for 3 consecutive days and you will experience more blissful positive feelings.

Use Lemons To Attract Love And Prosperity

It is popularly believed that lemons help you attain peace, prosperity, energy, abundance and will attract love into your life. The lemon is often referred to as the fruit of good.

Using Lemon Juice

Yet another way to ward off negative energy is to use lemon juice. Squeeze a lemon into water and rub the juice over your jewelry, accessories, and amulets. This cleansing process will remove bad vibes and negativity from your belongings and will safeguard your well-being.

Using Lemon Leaves

Natural healers use lemon leaves to increase stamina and energy. This technique involves soaking lemon leaves in water to make a drink that you consume nightly for 7 days prior to going to bed.

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