Savannah Cat Is Not Happy About The Addition Of A New Kitten In The Family

Having a new addition to the family should be an exciting time, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes, other family members are jealous that they have to share attention with someone else.

While parents, or in this case pet owners, have enough love to share, meeting a new member of the family can inspire feelings of anger and jealousy.

Such was the case for one F2 Savannah kitty cat. Used to being the lone family pet, this cat wasn't ready to accept a change in the family structure.

While some cats and dogs warm up to a new addition to the family, this kitty is unhappy. In the viral video, you can hear how angry she is--she even growls! Most cats hiss when they're mad, showing how uncomfortable they are with the situation. But this cat takes her anger to another level. Her growling might even be mistaken for the growl of a dog!

Many viewers watching the viral video wondered exactly happened to get this kitty so angry? Her owners decided that they were ready to bring a new kitten into the family.

The F2 Savannah cat herself is pretty unique. Her name comes from her lineage. These cats are quite challenging to breed as they are a mixed breed of the African Serval cat and the domestic cat. These cats, though quite rare, make excellent house cats.

The F2 in the cat's name refers to her Serval lineage. F2 indicates that this cat is further down the line from a purebred African Serval cat.

What's so important to note about this cat's heritage is that F2 cats are known to be very territorial. This explains her growling--it's in her DNA.

Just as African Serval cats are used to claiming their territory as a means of survival, this pet kitty already laid claim to her owners' home. She was ready to protect her home by any means necessary. So when a new cat arrived, this kitty wasn't ready to give up her space so easily. She becomes visibly angry as she eyes the kitten throughout the entire video.

Getting ready to pounce, the cat begins to growl. The longer the new kitten is in the room, the louder the Savannah cat growls. What a scary cat!

Since the Savannah cat was born with these territorial tendencies, it may be difficult for the owners to break her of it. Some owners have this problem when introducing two pets that are a different species, not usually with pets of the same species.

Hopefully, the Savannah cat will be able to warm up to her new kitten friend long enough for the two to get to know each other.

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