Sandra Bullock Can’t Stomach Term Adopted Kids & Urges Folks To Just Say ‘Our Children’

Mar 17, 2023 by apost team

Sandra Bullock has been a working actress in the entertainment industry since the late 1980s and has also worked as a producer during her impressive and long-lasting career. She is an eclectic actress and doesn’t fit into just one genre since her talents are unique and diverse. From suspenseful thrillers to romantic comedies, Sandra has starred in a wide variety of films and television shows. Some of her most notable films include “Speed,” “Miss Congeniality,” “The Lake House” and “Bird Box.”

From a young age, Sandra showed a lot of promise as a smart and successful woman in the entertainment industry, as she pursued her passions both academically and during her personal time. Her impact on the industry has captured the attention of many fans and critics, earning her quite the collection of awards and accolades in the process. 

Sandra also has a great selection of celebrity friends and even found romance with photographer Bryan Randall during her time in the spotlight. On top of that, Sandra is a doting mother to her kids, Louis and Laila.

While Sandra has shown that she is a true star in any film that comes her way, the actress decided in 2022 to take a step back from the limelight to focus on her family life, especially raising her children. Although the length of the break remains uncertain, it’s evident that Sandra is doing what she feels is best for her and her personal life as she takes the necessary time to regroup. She has also taken issue with the fact that many find it necessary to add the term “adopted” when referring to her, or other, adopted children, and made it clear she’s not a fan of that.

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Sandra Bullock (2021), (Jacopo Raule/FilmMagic)

Sandra adopted her son, Louis Bardo Bullock, in 2010, but the process of becoming his mother did not happen overnight. Before meeting Louis, Sandra had nearly given up her dream of becoming a mother when she reached her early 40s.

“And then (Hurricane) Katrina happened. Katrina happened in New Orleans and I knew. Just something told me that my child was there. It was weird,” Sandra said in an interview on TODAY. 

In 2015, she adopted her daughter, Laila Bullock. Back in May 2020, Sandra and her then-8-year-old daughter appeared in an episode of Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook Watch talk show, "Red Table Talk," saluting the heroic moms who are helping to keep the country safe, healthy and fed during the current pandemic.

In the same TODAY interview, Sandra was asked if it was a "coincidence" that she found her daughter Laila, but the actress explained: "It’s Louis’ way. Louis has a very strong way. He’s a fine leader and he led me to Laila."

Sandra then said that she hopes by telling her story, people will discover that “there is no endgame.” “There are hundreds and thousands of children that are ready to be your child. You are a forever parent the minute you accept the love of that child,” she said.

Despite being an Oscar-winning actress, Sandra said she believes her true calling is to be a mother. She explained: "Being a mom, I finally realized, ‘Oh this is what I was supposed to do when I grow up. Not be an actress, to be a mom.’"

She added: “I felt that calling at a very young age but I had to become the mom that I was supposed to be for the kids that were waiting for me.”

Little did she know a partner would be waiting for her, too.

Sandra Bullock, Bryan Randall (2018), (Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Sandra's relationship with former model Randall appears to be the one, as the actress has given insight into their romance in the last couple of years. After a messy divorce with television personality Jesse James that ended in 2010, Sandra met Randall when she hired him to take photos of Louis’ 5th birthday back in 2015. Their relationship blossomed, and he became her boyfriend. Nowadays, he's a wonderful father figure to her two kids.

During Sandra's appearance on "Red Table Talk," the actress gushed about her relationship and the family she and Randall have together. She said:

“I found the love of my life. We share two beautiful children — three children, his older daughter. It’s the best thing ever. I don't wanna say do it like I do it, but I don't need a paper to be a devoted partner and devoted mother.”

Family life is important to Sandra, and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s one of the main reasons why she is taking a break from acting. Although the actress hasn't officially retired, she hasn't indicated when she’ll be back on the big screen. “I don’t want to be beholden to anyone’s schedule other than my own,” the actress said. Sandra continued:

“I’m so burnt out. I’m so tired, and I’m so not capable of making healthy, smart decisions and I know it.”

She added: “Work has always been steady for me, and I’ve been so lucky. I realized it possibly was becoming my crutch.” Sandra kept “looking for something that was never” there and is now trying to “be OK not having work to validate” her.

Sandra Bullock, Louis Bardo Bullock (2013), (Jacopo Raule/FilmMagic)

Taking a break from such a superb career shows just how much Sandra cares about her children. This was also made clear during an interview with InStyle magazine in which the actress pleaded with other parents to stop calling her kids adopted.

People referring to her kids as her "adopted children" has not gone down well with the star. Instead, she wanted to impart to the world that the love a mother – biological or not – has for her child is infinite.

“Let’s all just refer to these kids as ‘our kids.’ Don’t say ‘my adopted child.’ No one calls their kid their ‘IVF child’ or their ‘oh, s**t, I went to a bar and got knocked-up child.’ Let just say, ‘our children,’” she told InStyle magazine, according to People.

Sandra appeared on the "Today Show" and spoke candidly about motherhood with Hoda Kotb, who also adopted two children.

“The beautiful thing that I was constantly told was ‘the perfect child will find you, you will find your child,’” Sandra said to Kotb as both women began tearing up. Kotb then told Sandra that hearing about her adoption story inspired her to also begin her journey to find her own children.

It has been more than a decade since Sandra adopted her first baby, and her children are thriving. She told Instyle magazine:

“Lou is supersensitive. I call him my 78-year-old son ... He’s wise and kind. I saw that when they handed him to me. There was a spiritual bigness to him.” 

As for her daughter, Sandra remarked, "Laila is just unafraid. She’s a fighter, and that’s the reason she’s here today. She fought to keep her spirit intact. Oh my god, what she is going to accomplish. She’s going to bring some real change."

What do you think about Sandra’s adoption journey? Do you agree with her about putting an end to calling kids “adopted children”? Let us know your thoughts, and be sure to pass this along to all the super moms like Sandra you know.

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