Sandra Bullock Asks Public To Stop Calling Children Adopted: "Let's Just Say, Our Children"

Sandra Bullock is a philanthropist, actress and producer. She's also an adoptive mother.

In a heartfelt interview with InStyle magazine, Bullock pleaded with other parents to stop calling her kids adopted.

Sandra Bullock adopted her son, Louis, in 2010 and her daughter, Laila, in 2015. She's since become a vocal advocate for foster care and adoption. When people refer to Bullock's children as her "adopted children," it feels like an insult.

She wants the world to know that the love a mother has for her child is infinite, regardless of whether they are blood relatives or not.

Let’s all just refer to these kids as “our kids.” Don’t say “my adopted child.” No one calls their kid their “IVF child” or their “oh, shit, I went to a bar and got knocked-up child.” Let just say, “our children.” she told the magazine.

Bullock was quick to point out that she does not care if people vote Democrat or Republican, but unless you're willing to take care of every neglected child in the world, you don't get to tell women what to do with their bodies.

When Sandra Bullock appeared on the Today Show, she got emotional during her interview with Hoda Kotb. Both women have adopted children.

There are tens of thousands of neglected, abused and unwanted children around the world. Bullock and Kotb want people to know that they can make a difference. Opening your heart and home to a child might sound terrifying, but it's an incredibly rewarding experience.

Life doesn't always go according to plan. Some people are unable to have children of their own, or they are in a same-sex relationship. Others choose to remain single. Your situation might not be what others consider "normal."

That doesn't mean you can't experience the joys of being a parent. It has been 9 years since Sandra Bullock adopted her first baby, and her children are thriving. Nine-year-old Louis is an old soul. He's sensitive, kind and wise beyond his years. She told Instyle magazine:

Lou is supersensitive. I call him my 78-year-old son. He’s like Shecky Greene, a Jewish Catskills comic. He’s wise and kind. I saw that when they handed him to me. There was a spiritual bigness to him. 

"...Laila is just unafraid. She’s a fighter, and that’s the reason she’s here today. She fought to keep her spirit intact. Oh my god, what she is going to accomplish. She’s going to bring some real change."

Wir wollen wissen, wie Du Dich fühlst! Glaubst Du, dass es, wenn man sagt, dass das Kind von jemandem adoptiert ist, darauf hindeutet, dass es kein echtes Mitglied der Familie ist? Hast Du jemals daran gedacht, ein Kind zu adoptieren oder bei Dir vorübergehend aufzunehmen? Lass es uns in den Kommentaren wissen – und sorge dafür, dass Du dies an Deine Freunde und Familie weiterleitest!

We want to know how you feel! Do you think saying someone's child is adopted suggests they aren't a real member of the family? Have you ever considered adopting or fostering a child? Let us know in the comments - and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!