Samoyed Gives Dad A Lingering, Loving Hug On Boat Ride

In 2017, a Samoyed pup named Jackson Blue was filmed sharing an intense hug with his human during a boat ride in Pawtuckaway Lake, New Hampshire, a video that is melting hearts everywhere.

A Lovely Time Out On a Boat

This particular hug took place while they were riding through Pawtuckaway Lake in New Hampshire during a visit to the man's parents for Father's Day. The man's wife says that Jackson was accustomed to pontoon rides with the family, even since he was a puppy.

Showing both his comfort with the rides and his love for one of his human parents, Jackson jumped next to the man. The woman said that he was first putting his head all over the man's shoulder. Soon, Jackson and his owner were in total comfort with one another, with the arm's arms around his beloved dog.

In Total Bliss

So calm was Jackson that he eventually fell asleep. You can see just how comfortable he is in this setting. Helping too is the background. Along with the water, you can also see trees, blue sky, and a cover of clouds. It's the perfect backdrop to frame this moment.

It's so wonderful that this family was able to experience this moment and capture it. There's no doubt that the man and his dog enjoy a very special bond. As Jackson's fur is stroked, one can absolutely feel just how much of a bond exists between the two of them.

A Strong Bond

According to Jackson's Instagram page, he turns six next week! We hope that this family has more moments with Jackson to share.

We're eager to find out what other adventures Jackson has had. This is a family that knows how to show their love for one another. If Jackson could speak our language, we imagine he would be saying some very heartfelt things. Hopefully, he knows that he's very much loved.

What are your thoughts on this emotional moment captured on a boat ride? How would you feel if you were at the receiving end of Jackson's affection? Show this post to anyone you know who loves dogs and stories about them showing love to their owners.