Salma Hayek Asserts 'I Don't Have Botox' On Social Media In Response To Trolls

Jun 16, 2022 by apost team

Salma Hayek is one of the most successful and gorgeous actresses on the planet, but Hayek led a rather humble life in her native Mexico before she was famous. Having worked on her craft since the age of 18, Hayek's passion for acting eventually propelled her into the stratosphere. Although she's at the top, she still finds time to advocate for causes that she's passionate about. 

She's most known for her work in combatting domestic violence against women, as well as her advocacy for immigrants and charity work in helping disadvantaged children in Mexico. 

While Hayek's known to be one of the most beautiful actresses working in Hollywood, she's now 57 years old and looks rather different than in her younger years, but she's still every bit as gorgeous. From her upbringing to finding stardom, the 57-year-old actress is still in incredible shape.

Known for her famous appearance in the 1996 movie "From Dusk Till Dawn," many fans love Hayek for the scene in which she danced with an Albino Burmese Python Reticulus on her shoulders while wearing a brown bikini that left little to the imagination. 

Now a mother of one daughter, Hayek is still strutting around in bikinis in her 50s and is still gorgeous as ever. On her Instagram, Hayek shamelessly posts bikini photos, her daily life, and her busy work. The actress frequently takes to Instagram to post throwback photos and new photos of herself and her busy life. After posting one picture, the actress clapped back at an Instagram user who claimed she was doing too much botox.

Salma Hayek (2002), (David LEFRANC/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images)

Hayek posted a selfie of her hair flowing in the wind on Instagram in February 2020. The simple yet gorgeous social media post generated over 400,000 likes and many comments. However, one fan's comment moved Hayek to respond. "Too much Botox :(. Not needed Salma!," the person commented

Hayek had an iconic response. "I don't have Botox But thank you for the advice because I was thinking maybe it's time," the actress replied. Other Instagram users praised the actress for her natural beauty." 😍🔥💯 Gorgeous. Wow you just don't age! Forever 21!," one person wrote.  

Another person commented, "u don't need it .. u r naturally beautiful I I am taking your response to him as a clap back and I'm lovin it." 

According to Harper's Bazaar, she doesn't use botox or fillers and doesn't think it's necessary to wear makeup all the time. She also gave away one of her skin routine secrets. "In the morning, I don't wash my face with soap or cleanser. I dot on some rose water, then moisturizer, and I never use sunblock unless I'm going in the sun," the Oscar-nominated actress shared

She also maintains a light makeup look when she isn't working. "During the day, I just put on a little foundation and rub a little lipstick on my cheeks. Of course I have to get all dolled up for work and for press," she told The New York Times.

Alongside maintaining her natural beauty, the star is also embracing aging. She admitted that she has grey hair and that they don't bother her.

Salma Hayek (2021), (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

"I'm not coloring my hair anymore. I have white hair around my ears, and I'm letting it go. But I may fall off the wagon any minute," Hayek said. Hayek also opened up about her beauty routines and her down-to-earth fitness approach.

"My advice is not going to help anybody. I overeat the wrong things, then I go on a diet," she shared. However, the actress also told The New York Times in 2017 that she has tried to walk away from eating meat but that ultimately that lifestyle isn't for her. 

"Sometimes I go several days without eating meat, but then I'll go back. I tried one time to go raw; my body hated me. Sometimes I work really hard and want instant satisfaction in my life. I'm a craver — let's face it," the actress admitted. This is just one of the ways Hayek remains down-to-earth and a genuine person. Her Instagram account offers many further insights into her life and easy-going nature. 

In February 2022, Hayek posted a short and slightly funny video that showed her and Fran Drescher, better known for her iconic role as Fran Fine in "The Nanny," at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards. The two actresses were doing what they do best, being hilarious. Hayek's glove had caught unto the edge of Drescher's dress, getting both actresses stuck in the bathroom until they had untangled themselves. Thankfully, Hayek could still present the award she was supposed to give to Michael Keaton - as it so happens, the actor had also gotten delayed on the toilet.

Salma Hayek doesn't look like she has aged at all since she stepped onto the Hollywood scene decades ago! If you think she is still stunning— pass this on to other people who think the actress is wonderful too!

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