Royal Fans Defend Kate Middleton’s 'Aged' Looks While Mourning The Late Queen

Sep 23, 2022 by apost team

The entire world watched on Apr. 29th, 2011, when Prince William and Catherine Middleton wed in a beautiful ceremony at Westminster Abbey, London. The heavily publicized wedding prompted all kinds of celebrations, including street parties across England, William and Kate merchandise and plenty of speculation about how the royal couple would navigate their roles as the Prince and Princess of Wales. 

The couple is particularly prominent in the royal family given that William is the next in line to the throne after his father, King Charles III, who ascended on Sept. 8th, 2022, after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passed. At the time of their marriage, the couple had been together for eight years after they started dating when they were both students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where the two completed their undergraduate degrees. 

A lot has happened since those days, including the couple's official engagement announcement on Nov. 16th, 2010, followed by their wedding, which took place in April 2011. Since then, the Prince and Princess of Wales have been busy building a family, which includes the future king, Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4. 

Before Queen Elizabeth II passed away, she made a note to tell royal officials that Kate had grown to be a part of the family over the last decade. Tragically, Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Sept. 8th, 2022, at her home in Balmoral Castle. With many events held in her honor, fans believe that Kate has taken a toll from her grief over the late queen. However, other royal fans have stepped up to defend her. 

Catherine, Princess Charlotte, Prince George (2022), (Bryn Colton/Getty Images)

In Sept. of 2022, following several events in the queen's honor, Kate Middleton was photographed several times while out in public paying tribute to her late grandmother-in-law. A media outlet, Hollywood Life, posted a picture of the Princess of Wales to their Instagram page that sparked quite the conversation over Kate's looks. 

The picture has less than 7,000 impressions but had many comments that had royal fans up in arms over it. One very unhappy fan commented on the picture and said, "Wow, Kate and Camilla are starting to look identical."

Another Instagram user wrote:

"She appears to have aged much and constantly appears unhappy to me. I don't know why I feel sorry for her."

One more person said:

"She appears to be in her sixties. What exactly is going on?"

Another social media user couldn't help but comment on the Instagram picture and say:

"She's aged so much."

Despite the hurtful and rude comments about the Princess of Wales's looks, many royal fans came to her defense and rescue on social media to shut the haters down. 

One kind user clapped back and commented that under immense stress during a sad time, anyone can look less than their best. 

"So many people saying she looks old … she's a public figure at an immensely stressful time and probably not getting a lot of sleep. Maybe it's showing on her face. If you don't look like this when family die maybe you don't know what it's like," they wrote. Many more fans jumped in to defend the "Children's Princess."

Catherine (2022), (Ian Vogler-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

One Instagram user said that there are many things wrong with the picture Hollywood Life posted of Kate Middleton. "First darlings, the lighting is horrible. Second, she is not old. Third, for her age she looks fabulous. Four, she has had 0 plastic surgery. Have fun aging it's not for the weak," they said.

Another social media user jumped in to say that aging is a part of life, yet the Princess of Wales still looks outstanding. "People age. She is beautiful and elegant, and she is fulfilling her duties very well," they commented on the post. "Beautiful ❤️," someone else wrote on the picture. 

Despite the comment war over her looks, the Princess of Wales is known for a lot more than just being a pretty face in the public eye. While mourning Queen Elizabeth II, the world has also reflected on Kate and the late queen's relationship. While it may have started off less than perfect, over the last decade of Kate being in the royal family- their relationship blossomed into something special. 

According to Express, Joe Little, editor of Majesty Magazine, shared, "It's specualtion and conjecture, but you would think the Queen very much regarded Kate as a safe pair of hands, she's been a member of the Royal Family for 10 years now." 

Queen Elizabeth II believed that the royal couple would be a great asset to the world when they became king and queen one day. "I would say the Queen had great trust in the Prince and Princess of Wales, and in the future, King William V and Queen Catherine," Little shared. 

Catherine (2022), (Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images)

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