Royal Experts Disclose Significant News On Kate Middleton's Health Weeks After Surgery

Feb 20, 2024 by apost team

Kate Middleton is one of the most popular members of the royal family. After initially gaining public attention as Prince William’s girlfriend when they were both students at St. Andrews, the Princess of Wales became an official royal family member when she and William wed on April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey.

Since then, she’s captured the hearts of the public with her duty to the British crown, her kind and attentive nature, and her fashionable sense of style. Kate is known for her poise, elegance and charm. It’s no wonder, then, that 66% of the British public holds a positive opinion of the princess. She’s also a doting mother to her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. 

Beyond being the future queen consort of the British monarchy, Kate is a key member of the royal family in her own right — at least according to one expert. Vanity Fair’s royal editor Katie Nicholl described Kate as the “glue” of the family on a May 23, 2021, episode of "60 Minutes Australia." 

Her role as the guiding light in the family was corroborated by Prince William’s former private secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, who told People: “She is a matriarch. Not in the sense of an older woman in a twin set and pearls, but she guides the family and advises (William) when he wants it.”

However, early 2024 saw Kate experience serious health issues that led to surgery, a hospital stay and a long recuperation period. Read on to find out more about her health crisis and how her family rallied around her in the challenging period. 

Catherine, Princess of Wales (2022), (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

On Jan. 17, 2024, Kensington Palace revealed in a statement that the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, had undergone abdominal surgery that had been scheduled the previous day at the London Clinic. It said the surgery had been “successful” and that the princess would remain at the hospital for a 10–14-day recovery period. However, Kate is not expected to return to her usual royal duties until after Easter, the statement added.

The palace did not elaborate on what specific health issue the princess was suffering from but stressed it was not cancer-related. The public was quick to offer their well-wishes for a speedy recovery as the media jumped into high gear, with reports the princess had slipped into a coma being resoundingly refuted as “total nonsense.” Scores of photographers were assigned to the London Clinic in an attempt to garner photos of the princess upon her departure. They were, however, unsuccessful, as news would later surface that Kate had left the hospital without her exit being spotted. 

Twelve days later, on Jan. 29, 2024, the palace released another statement revealing that Kate had returned to her residence in Windsor Castle to continue recuperating from the surgery and that she was “making good progress.” 

Again, well-wishers left the princess with scores of encouraging messages, including one that read: “So sorry she had to spend so many days away from the kids and so happy she’s back home now. The whole world loves her so much and may she have a fast recovery.”

The public has not been the only ones rallying around Kate during this challenging time as her husband, Prince William, has also stepped back from his royal duties to be by his wife’s side. The prince postponed all his public duties during Kate’s hospital stay and continued to do so in the early days of her recovery.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (2023), (Ian Vogler - WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

After leaving the hospital, Kate settled into her home at Adelaide Cottage in Home Park, Windsor. There, she can recuperate comfortably among family and lean on their loyal staff, including long-time nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo. Meanwhile, William has reportedly taken the lead in caring for their three children, switching to “100% family first, day job second” mode, according to a Sunday Times source. 

According to the National Health Service (NHS), those recovering from abdominal surgery likely have to wait two to three months to be able to move around comfortably. They must also avoid lifting heavy weights above two or three kilograms. Standing and sitting exercises are recommended to help rebuild the core area. However, it can still take up to two years for the abdominal area to fully recover its original strength. 

While Kate’s return to her royal duties will no doubt depend on the advice of her doctors, some estimated her recovery would take longer than suggested, even up to nine months, according to one expert. Others instead lauded the princess for taking the time she needed to rest and recuperate, with one royal household insider telling People:

“It is sensible to take the time. … That is a great example to the rest of us, as you’re often told to get back to work as soon as possible, which can be damaging. It is good for all of us to see her taking the time, recovering properly and then coming back. We can all learn from that."   

Meanwhile, others found optimism in the fact that William has already made a partial return to his royal duties, attending a fundraiser alongside Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise for London's Air Ambulance on Feb. 7, 2024. There, he took the opportunity to thank the public for their support for his wife and said, “it means a great deal to us all.”

Princess Charlotte, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Louis, Prince George (2019), (Samir Hussein/WireImage via Getty Images)

It has since come to light that, during Kate’s stay in hospital, her three children did not visit her. Instead, it was William who was seen driving himself to the hospital on Jan. 18, 2024, to visit his wife. King Charles III, who was at the hospital at the same time as Kate, receiving treatment for an enlarged prostate, also took the time to check up on her. 

After Kate’s discharge from the hospital, the reason why Kate’s children did not visit their mother while she was there was revealed. A royal family insider told Entertainment Tonight that choosing not to bring Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, to the London Clinic was a deliberate choice as their parents did not want to disrupt their regular school-going routine. The source added that both William and Kate, who are known for the down-to-earth approach to parenthood, wanted not only to protect their children from the prying eyes of the media but also to ensure they could maintain a sense of normality while not worrying them too much. 

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward also told People:

“I don’t think she wanted to make more of a big thing of it than it already was. (Kate’s family will) be rallying ’round in their own way and helping to look after her.” 

This decision was in keeping with Kensington Palace’s earlier statement that detailed how the princess hoped “the public will understand her desire to maintain as much normality for her children as possible.”

Despite their absence, Kate was still able to keep in touch with her beloved children while she was in London Clinic through the video-call app FaceTime, which the couple generally use when their royal duties take them away from their kids.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (2022), (Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Weeks into Kate’s recovery period, it has become clear that the royal family has faced a challenging time, particularly as both the Princess and the King’s health crises occurred simultaneously. 

Royal expert Michael Cole said, “without any doubt, the surgery (Kate) underwent at the London Clinic was no minor matter. She was in there for 13 nights, 14 days and we don’t know what’s wrong, but it’s obviously major.” 

“Other members of the Royal Family, like Prince William, will have to step up and do more. Of course, that’s complicated because at the same time his wife, the Princess of Wales, is suffering also with an undisclosed form of illness,” he added.

Another royal expert pointed to Kate traveling to one of the Wales’ favorite residences, Anmer Hall in Norfolk, during the school holidays with her children as a sign of progress in her recovery. The 18th-century red-brick home is only two miles away from one of the King’s residences, Sandringham House. 

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond said it’s no wonder the family enjoy Norfolk over Windsor as “one of the great beauties of Norfolk is that it is so accessible from London.”

“Of course, if you're royal, you can get anywhere quicker than most — and sometimes they probably use a helicopter — but even by car it’s only a couple of hours and that makes it so much easier than getting to Balmoral… William and Kate find all they want as a family in the wide open spaces that Norfolk offers,” she added.

“I think it’s very encouraging that Kate has been well enough to make the trip to Sandringham. It shows that she is making a steady recovery. Also, the change will probably be most welcome... the same four walls must get a bit tedious when you are recuperating as she is.”

Prince George, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Louis, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte (2022), (Jonathan Brady-Pool/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

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