Royal Clothes Designer Says Kate & Family Are ‘Going Through Hell’ Amid Her Cancer Diagnosis

May 07, 2024 by apost team

King Charles III ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom after the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. He became king in 2022 after the longest wait as heir apparent in British history. 

Charles has experienced fluctuations in popularity, with some periods marked by high levels of public support and others by increased scrutiny or criticism. A year after ascending the throne, he had earned a 62% approval rating from the UK public. 

Catherine, Princess of Wales, whose full name is Kate Middleton, married Charles’ eldest son, Prince William, in 2011. Celebrated for her grace, style, and charitable work, Kate has been seen as a supportive figure within the royal family. Her contributions to various causes align well with the monarchy's charitable efforts. As the future queen consort, Kate also plays an important role in representing the monarchy and supporting Charles in his duties as king.

Thus, with Charles and Kate being two of the most popular members of the royal family, news of their hospitalization in early 2024 led to an outpouring of well wishes and support from their supporters worldwide. On Jan. 17, 2024, Buckingham Palace announced King Charles III would undergo hospital treatment for an enlarged prostate and that later tests identified a form of cancer for which the monarch began treatment. Afterward, Kensington Palace disclosed that Kate underwent abdominal surgery and would not resume public-facing duties for months.

While Charles was lauded for being more transparent about his diagnosis, Kate’s initial silence over her condition led to increasingly bizarre theories and wild rumors. Finally, on March 23, 2024, Kate dropped the bombshell that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Since then, supporters of the Princess of Wales have become increasingly worried about her continued absence from the public. One of the family’s go-to designers spoke about her worries about the Waleses. 

Kate Middleton (2024), (IMAGO/Aton Chile)

As Charles and Kate took time off from their royal duties, other members of the family stepped up in their absence, particularly their respective spouses, Queen Camilla and Prince William. With the support of their loved ones, Charles and Kate were given the time and space to prioritize their recovery. Facing their health challenges together, they have provided comfort to each other. In the same hospital at the same time, Charles reportedly visited Kate by her bedside. The day before Kate announced her cancer diagnosis, she and Charles shared a private lunch together. After sharing the news with the world, a Buckingham Palace representative said the king was “so proud of Catherine for her courage in speaking as she did” and that he “remained in the closest contact with his beloved daughter-in-law throughout the past weeks.” 

According to royal watchers, the pair have always shared a strong bond. Author Robert Hardman told Hello! Magazine:

“It's very clear that (Charles is) extremely concerned about her. I think he wants to make sure as much as he can that if there's anything he can do, he will do, because for a very fit and healthy young mother, this is a different order of magnitude to someone having to deal with this in their 70s.”

During this challenging time, the Princess of Wales has also found comfort in her family and friends. According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Kate has a “really tight group of friends and, particularly in Norfolk, really close friends there. But I think the real anchors in her life are her parents and her brother James... and her sister Pippa.”  

“While you certainly don't see them photographed together very often, they are very much there in the background. They are absolutely fundamental,” she added.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (2016), (IMAGO/Parsons Media)

After news of her hospitalization broke, the public also expressed their sympathies and concerns to Kate, with some even writing letters to her. Among them was social media user @AllemarieHoll1, who recounted her surprise at receiving a response from Kensington Palace after sending Kate a get well soon letter. 

“Today I received this beautiful acknowledgement and I can honestly say I shall treasure this my entire life,” the user shared alongside a photo of a “Thank You” note from the Waleses’ office.

“The envelope has Kensington Palace on the back lol hubby thought he was going to have to get his suit out for a garden party (silly him) but he is just as blown away as I am to received this beautiful, and much treasured card,” the user wrote. 

Many commended the princess for her thoughtful response, prompting the user to remark that it  “made me feel even more emotional.” 

“All that she is going through and to think of those that sent a card or note or letter … I just feel truly honoured,” the user added.

It appeared Kate was still in well enough spirits to undertake some small duties while in the hospital. Broadcaster Kate Garraway said she also received a letter of condolences from the princess after the passing of her husband, television host Derek Draper, from COVID-19 complications.

“Catherine and William sent a beautiful letter, and I know Catherine has been in hospital herself,” she said, adding “it was lovely of them to reach out to me.”

With more optimistic news surrounding Kate’s health being reported, some have started to wonder whether she could, even as she continues her cancer treatment, return to some public-facing duties soon.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (2017), (IMAGO/i Images)

Kensington Palace’s initial statement about Kate’s health stated that the princess would not return to her royal duties until after Easter. However, this came well before Kate’s video announcement of her cancer diagnosis, in which she said:

“In January, I underwent major abdominal surgery in London and at the time, it was thought that my condition was non-cancerous. The surgery was successful. However, tests after the operation found cancer had been present. My medical team therefore advised that I should undergo a course of preventative chemotherapy and I am now in the early stages of that treatment.” 

Weeks on, some experts raised the prospect of Kate returning to her duties earlier than expected. Royal correspondent Cameron Walker said due to “the princess's cancer diagnosis, she is undergoing preventative chemotherapy at the moment,” but suggested the princess may feel up to the task of taking on a few appearances should she feel like it.

“What I am hearing from those close to the Princess is that she may well decide to attend certain events if she feels up to it, and if she's keen to go,” Walker said.

However, he dismissed the likelihood of Kate resuming the full extent of her duties any time soon.

"But in terms of a return to full-scale public duties and as a full-time working royal, I suspect that some time to come yet,” he remarked.

Despite this, Walker remained optimistic about seeing the princess up and back on her feet as soon as her doctors would allow her.

“But perhaps, maybe we’ll see her at some point this summer. But it just honestly depends on how her treatment goes.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (2017), (IMAGO/Starface)

In a conversation with The Telegraph, royal clothes designer Amaia Arrieta expressed her worry about the current predicament that Kate and her family are in. 

Arrieta has been the go-to-designer for the Waleses since Prince George was a toddler. When Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were born and grew up, she dressed them on many occasions. Specifically, Arrieta was joyful when she saw Princess Charlotte wear one of her pieces in the now-controversial Mother’s Day photo of the Princess of Wales and her children. While the photo sparked a huge controversy, Arrieta maintained that seeing the family wear her pieces was a testament to their bond with each other. 

She even recalled the first time Prince George wore one of her pieces in a public engagement. 

“The first time I realised Prince George was wearing my designs I was in Waitrose and saw the picture of him on the cover of Hello! Magazine,” Arrieta recalled, “that was a huge moment because they had been coming to us but you never know if they’ll actually wear it.”

To this day, Arrieta maintains a sense of pride that her pieces are still appreciated by the family, a testament to their bond and trust in her. 

“Dressing the royals gives me so much pride, I really do care about how they look,” Arrieta told The Telegraph. “I’m heartbroken at the moment, I think they are going through hell, I hope they will be back. It’s really personal.”

Prince William has spoken sparingly about his wife's condition. In a video captured by The Daily Mail, he assured a fan who asked about Kate’s well-being that she’s “all doing well, thank you."

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (2016), (IMAGO/Parsons Media)

People on social media have expressed their increasing worry about the Princess of Wales. 

On Instagram, one said: "Her cancer worries me. Many cancers in the abdominal area are very serious. I pray for strength and healing! She is a great mummy,” while another echoed: “This is just Heartbreaking 💔 Prayers for all of them 🙏”

In a post by Page Six, a worried royal fan also pointed out the long absence of the Princess of Wales. 

“No one has seen her for over 140 days… something up folks.. I personally want a wellness check. I don’t trust these “Royals”. You can virtual signalling all you want, but this women might be in trouble..,” someone wrote. 

“I feel bad for William. Having your Father and Wife ill at the same time like this is a lot. ❤️,” another commented. 

“Ms Kate has disappeared in plain site and everybody thinks that's okay SMH,” a fan pointed out. 

Fans on Facebook couldn’t help but sympathize with what the Wales family is feeling. 

“They are a young couple with young children, plus living in the public eye. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through. She is such a beauty inside and out and this is just so heartbreaking,” a fan posted. 

“So So Sad for Katherine..Prayers, she will get through all of this, and be,well, and live a long life with family,” one wrote. 

“Praying that these treatments do the Job . She will have the Bed of Care . We know that. So praying for her along with treatments will be the cure ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻,” another shared. 

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (2013), (IMAGO/i Images)

What can you say about Amaia Arrieta’s statement about Kate Middleton and her family? What do you think of Kate’s decision to stay silent after her cancer diagnosis? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends and other royal family fans.

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