Ron Howard’s Massive $27.5M Estate Sold 10 Days After Its Listing — Take A Look Inside His Family Home

Jan 29, 2024 by apost team

Rance Howard was an American actor known for his work both on film and television. He was an acclaimed character actor and is remembered for his performances in such films as “Cool Hand Luke,” “Chinatown,” “Apollo 13,” “Independence Day,” “A Beautiful Mind” and “Cinderella Man.” In 1981 he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Program for producing “The Time Crystal.” 

Rance married Jeene Speegle in 1949, and they had two sons, Ron and Clint Howard. Both boys followed their dad’s lead and found jobs in the entertainment industry. 

Ron might have swapped being in front of the camera for a legendary career behind it, but the Hollywood icon is still very well known thanks to his early start on “The Andy Griffith Show” at the age of 5, where he played Opie. Later, he starred as Richie Cunningham on TV’s “Happy Days” from 1974 to 1980 and had a leading role in the coming-of-age movie American Graffiti.

But Ron says he always knew his true calling was to work behind the camera as a director. He once said that he was an actor who dreamed of becoming a director. So that’s exactly what Ron did — turned his attention to behind the camera. Now, he’s a world-famous director and producer of movies such as “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “Frost/Nixon,” “The Da Vinci Code” and many more. 

In 2014, Ron decided to sell his million-dollar estate, and just days later, he found a buyer. Read on below to see what the property where he raised his family looked like and how much the total deal cost.

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Henry Winkler, Ron Howard (ca 1980), (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

In May 2014, 6ABC reported that Ron Howard decided to sell his property located in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The 32-acre estate was so massive that it had 23 rooms, six bedrooms, five full bathrooms, four partial bathrooms, and a private lakefront. It was up for sale in the market for $27.5 million.

The Howard family initially bought the land which stood between Westchester and Greenwich, Connecticut, in 1991. They later built a house as the main area, while other buildings were added, like the pool house, guest house, and tennis court.

As seen on the photos attached by the news outlet, the house appeared to be very big as it has a vintage Victorian style, an indoor lawn tennis court, an indoor pool, elegant wallpapers, expensive furniture, and many more.

Through the years, Ron and his family have made countless memories, whether they be weddings, parties, reunions, fundraisers, and many more.

One of the main reasons why Ron sold the property was because he was ready to move on with his wife now that they accomplished their goal, which was to raise their family away from the bustling city of Los Angeles, California.

“We moved 3,000 miles away from the hub of Los Angeles, to raise our family here… Whether we’re watching films in our theatre, walking the trails throughout our property, star gazing in our observatory, or just relaxing with friends and loved ones by the lake, Cheryl and I feel we’ve accomplished the goals we set when we began work on this place,” the actor said, as reported by the Poughkeepsie Journal.

He further noted that although they were leaving the property, the memories they had with that place would never leave them.

Ron Howard (2019), (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Ron Howard and his broker didn’t have any problems selling the property as they were able to find a buyer and struck a deal just 10 days after it was officially listed.

“The property was listed May 3 – and 10 days later we had a deal,” listing agent Tamar Lurie said

According to an article published by USA Today in July 2014, the property, which is located in the gated Conyers Farm, was sold for its asking price of $27.5 million. It was an all-cash deal.

It made history by becoming the most expensive single residential property ever sold within the area. The buyer remained anonymous as they didn’t want to be named.

“It is an incredibly amazing and beautiful house so I am not surprised. When I saw the house I thought that someone will fall deeply in love with it. And that has happened,” she added.

As reported by Greenwich Time, Ron explained that apart from raising his kids in the area, he also liked the way that people didn’t care that much about celebrities, which made them live a comfortable and quiet life.

“People don’t hound you in Greenwich… Everybody there might be interested, but in Greenwich, they are pretty cool. They’re sophisticated,” he told the outlet in 1991. 

Years after they moved out from the property, in 2019, Ron became a grandfather, and he shared the positive news on social media. 

“Aspen Leigh Howard was born yesterday! @reedchoward and Aspen’s mom @ag_howard are feeling blessed and elated. So are the grandparents!” he wrote

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