Rogue Chicken Wreaks Havoc On Wet Cement

Sep 20, 2018 by apost team

A chicken seems harmless enough, but one rogue chicken ended up wreaking havoc on someone's sidewalk. While these birds might be cute, this video shows just how annoying they can actually be. The chicken seems completely unaware of the harm that it has caused.

This mishap occurred in Australia's Mooroolbark. Apparently, some road workers were trying to lay down cement to make a road. Unfortunately, a chicken managed to escape from a neighboring KFC farmhouse. Somehow, it managed to get all the way to the road workers without anyone stopping it.

As the workers spread the cement, they suddenly looked up in horror to realize that the chicken was destroying all of their efforts. The plucky bird walked directly through the wet cement. Then, the bird became distracted by some picket caps. While the road workers started repairing the damage, the bird pecked at the caps.

Finally, he took off in the direction of a neighboring yard.

The Chicken Returns

The road workers thought that this was the end of the story, but the chicken had other plans in mind. When they returned the next morning, the chicken had beaten them to the road. It had destroyed the cement all over again. Frustrated, the workers placed caps everywhere to distract the bird.

There is no word yet on what became of the runaway bird. Someone might have brought him back to the farmhouse, but he might have flown the coop for good. If the chicken continues to mess up pavement, there might be a Sunday dinner in store for his future. We will have to hope that someone steps up to save the chicken from a dinner plate.

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