Robin Williams Performs An Inspiring, Heartwarming And Patriotic Routine As The American Flag

Feb 02, 2020 by apost team

The political climate over the last few years has brought about some controversy over the National Anthem and the flag, and what exactly it really means to be patriotic.

In general, however, many people believe the flag can still inspire patriotism and bring people closer together.

In 1982, Robin Williams played the role of a flag on the special TV show I Love Liberty. His performance was heart-warming and, as usual, incredibly funny. He quipped "I was born July 14, 1777 – that makes me a Gemini" and "I'm in my birthday suit." His comedy routine was unique and literally personized the flag rather than making it a partisan issue.

His comedy skit was initially created by Norman Lear and the two-hour TV special it aired in was sponsored by People for the American Way. It was aired to commemorate what would have been George Washington's 250th birthday. 

Robin Williams wore blue pants and a flag shirt and sleeves. During the performance, he pulled off a sleeve with 38 stars to reveal another sleeve with 50 stars. He ended the skit by proudly saying: “Don’t look at is as saluting me, look at it as saluting yourselves. I’m just a flag, a symbol. You’re the people, if I may say so from here. Long may you wave.” 

Lear said the skit, and the special TV show it was performed in, were both intended to show the country that everyone, regardless of party, loves the country and the flag.

''The flag belongs to all of us,'' he told the New York Times. ''It moistens as many eyes on the left or the center as it does on the right. 'I Love Liberty' is an attempt to show that the country loves the flag, that it doesn't belong to just a few.''

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