Richard Gere’s 33-Year Younger Wife Was Mistaken As His Daughter In Rare Public Appearance

Jul 08, 2024 by apost team

American actor Richard Gere has been a leading man in Hollywood since the 1970s when he began appearing in films. Although he had humble beginnings growing up in Syracuse, New York, Gere made a real name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Although he's been in many major films over the last decades, two of his best-known roles are as Edward Lewis in "Pretty Woman," where he played a rich playboy from New York who falls in love with a Hollywood prostitute portrayed by Julia Roberts, and as lawyer Billy Flynn in the hit musical "Chicago."

Gere was nominated for Golden Globe Awards for both roles. While he missed out on winning the award for "Pretty Woman," he landed the Best Actor Award for "Chicago" in 2003.

With his innate charm and handsome looks, Gere has been linked with various women in Hollywood over the years. He has reportedly been involved with actresses like Dawn Steel, Loree Rodkin, Carole Mallory, Tuesday Weld and even Barbra Streisand. He was also linked to Priscilla Presley and Kim Basinger

Aside from these women, Gere has been married three times – previously, with Cindy Crawford and Carey Lowell, and now he is married to Spanish publicist Alejandra Silva, who is 33 years his junior. But despite their over three-decade age gap, Silva has said she's not bothered by it. 

Unsurprisingly, Gere is just as romantic in real life as in the many rom-coms he’s starred in, as he writes songs for his beautiful wife.

In a public appearance in 2024, Gere was spotted in New York along with Silva, where she was mistaken as his daughter. Keep reading to learn more about Gere and his beautiful wife. 

Richard Gere (2007), (IMAGO/PicturePerfect)

Gere grew up with great support from his parents and siblings. According to the Independent, he grew up on a farm and first dabbled in the creative world by writing music for high school productions. 

He credited his parents for helping him hone in on his talents. “My parents are extraordinary people,” Gere said. “They gave me and my four brothers and sisters enormous opportunities in terms of education, in terms of music…” 

He added, “We weren’t brought up with a lot of money, and the scraping that it took to have an education, to have music teachers, was an extraordinary thing.”

Now, Gere has a family of his own. After meeting Spanish activist Silva, Gere got married for a third time in April 2018, and not long after that, he and Silva welcomed two children into the world.

The couple has a 33-year age gap, but it doesn't seem to bother them. Silva said: "Our karma was attracted the moment we saw each other. I'm not ignoring our age difference and what it means to be with a Hollywood star, but when there's such a strong karmic energy, the problems disappear." Silva added to Hello! Magazine:

"In this life it had to be like this. He has promised me at least 20 good years! I have to confess that he has much more energy than me; he's much more active. I find it hard to keep up with him. He's not human!"

The star is a dedicated father who makes sure his kids stay a priority in his life. "The marginal stuff just doesn't affect you anymore when you weigh it against the real things in your life. All the cliches (about parenthood) are true," Gere shared.

Richard Gere (2012), (IMAGO/United Archives International)

In February 2019, Gere and Silva welcomed baby Alexander, their first child together. Just over a year later, the couple was reported to have had a second son together, whose name is still unknown, as the couple has been very private about their children. He was born in April 2020. 

Gere's first child, Homer, from his marriage to his first wife, Carey Lowell, is now in his early 20s. However, Gere's decision to have children again later in life has proved to come with some consequences. According to a source who spoke with Radar Online in 2019, Gere fears being an old father. The source said:

"He knows he's EXTREMELY old to be a father. He can do the math — and it's made him very aware his time is limited."

The source went on to talk about when Gere found out Silva was pregnant:

"Richard wanted to be sure that he had found the right woman before he had another child ... he found out they were pregnant, he realized how difficult it would be for him to raise a young child."

Now and then, Gere and Silva will post a photo showing off their adorable family. In October 2022, Silva posted a picture on Instagram of a sweet pumpkin patch moment with the caption, “A perfect fall day with my boys 🧡”

On Nov. 17, 2022, Silva shared another heartwarming photograph of her 3-year-old son with the caption, “Daddy, mommy and Alexander 🧡” 

Many people left comments sharing how precious they found the moment to be – and we agree! 

Richard Gere, Alejandra Silva (2016), (IMAGO/Agencia EFE)

Silva described her love story with Gere as a “fairytale.” 

“Without a doubt, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world… What could be more romantic than a man who writes you songs every day?" she admitted to Hello! Magazine. 

Silva recalled being introduced to Gere by a friend the first time they met. Since then, she felt a “very strong connection” because they “couldn’t stop looking at each other all night,” and since then, they “haven’t been apart.” 

“Love stories with a complicated beginning, where you have to overcome difficulties together, can bring you closer... I'm sure I did (have some doubts) at some point. In the beginning, he was more convinced than me. But from very early on, we felt that we were destined to be together,” Silva explained.

Although the couple’s striking age gap has been a topic of conversation in the media, they don’t seem to mind it. 

When the couple attended the Magic of Motown 2024 Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on April 10, 2024, in New York City, the two amassed praises and questions online because of their looks at the star-studded gathering. Silva looked ravishing in her elegant black sheer gown, accentuating her amazing physique. On the other hand, Gere opted for a classic navy blazer, letting his wife shine at the venue.

However, on Instagram, fans were shocked to see Silva and Gere together, as some wondered if she was his daughter. 

“He still looks good but honestly his wife looks like a daughter instead of a wife,” someone commented, echoing another fan who said: “I thought that's his daughter 😆”

“His wife? Looks more like the granddaughter.. but hey if they are happy 😍,” another said. 

“She looks young enough to be his daughter,” a fan pointed out. 

Alejandra Silva (2017), (IMAGO/biky)

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