Reuse Your Tea Lights As Pretty Snowman Ornaments Using This Amazing DIY Transformation

Do you have a stack of tea lights left over from Halloween and want to repurpose them for Christmas? Maybe, you’re just searching for an easy crafting project for yourself and kids to decorate your Christmas tree this year?

Or, you could be looking for inexpensive gifts and gift adornments to kick off your holidays? In any case, we have a fantastic tea light snowman project that’ll ‘lighten’ up your Christmas.

Tea Light Snowman

These cute little snowmen make for easy, kid-friendly homemade ornaments for your tree. They can be a gift in of themselves, or you can attach them as little extra holiday cheer to wine bottles and wrapped gifts. Ready to get started?

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Thin red ribbon
  • 1/2 inch-thick red and white polka dot ribbon
  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Red fuzzy pom-poms
  • Black marker
  • Orange marker
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Tealights

Here’s How To Build Your Tea Light Snowman

1. Begin with the tea light facing you with the plastic flame curving upward. The plastic flame will be the snowman’s nose.

2. You’ll use the orange-colored marker to color only the plastic flame so that it resembles the traditional carrot nose of a snowman.

3. Take your black marker and draw two eyes above the nose.

4. Use the black marker to make a series of curving dots underneath the nose to represent a snowman’s smiling coal mouth.

5. Cut your pipe cleaner to just curve around the very top of tea light where the top of the snowman’s head would be.

6. Use your glue gun to attach a pom-pom to each end of the pipe cleaner. This is now your snowman’s earmuffs. Set them aside for a moment.

7. Cut a piece of the thin ribbon long enough to serve as a hanging device - six to 10 inches, depending on how low you want the snowman to hang. Tie each end together in a knot.

8. Slip the hanging ribbon through the earmuff pipe cleaner to where the knot is at the top; now, you’ll glue the ribbon to the pipe cleaner.

9. Glue your ear muff and hanging device to the top of the tea light.

10. Cut a piece of the polka dot ribbon about six to 10 inches long. This will be the snowman’s scarf once you cross the ends about an inch above each cut. The ribbon should look like the shape of a breast cancer awareness ribbon. Glue the cross-section, and then glue the ribbon (print facing out) to the bottom, back, center aspect of the tea light.

That’s it. You have the makings for several dozen adorable snowmen out a few dollars worth of supplies you can get from any local dollar store.

Extra Ideas And Cautions

  • Use black felt to cut out a snowman hat.
  • Use different color ribbon and pipe cleaners to make boy and girl snowmen families.
  • While a family-friendly activity, always supervises children using glue guns; liquid glue is fine, too, but you will have to account for dry times between steps.

If gluing the hanging ribbon to the scarf is to cumbersome, you can glue the scarf to the head first and then slip the hanging ribbon under the scarf before tying it off at the ends.

Are you excited to make your tea light snowman? Do you have ideas you’d like to share to improve or give this project extra pizzazz? Use the comment section for questions and thoughts. And make sure to spread this DIY to your family and friends!