Retiree Takes In Hurt Fox – His New Furry Buddy Plays Ball With Him & Sleeps In His Arms After Recovery

Jan 31, 2023 by apost team

Good Samaritans come in all shapes and sizes, as well as ages. For one wounded fox, his lifesaver came in the form of an elderly retiree by the name of Mike Trowler. Trowler not only adopted the wounded fox but also gave it a good home and helped it on its journey to recovery. The fox was named Cropper.

In 2001, the injured Cropper was found alongside a street in England after a tussle with a dog by The Fox Project, a charity dedicated to rescuing foxes. As the fox was being examined for its wounds, it was also found to have toxoplasmosis. The parasitic condition meant it could no longer be released into the wild. It was determined the animal would either have to be euthanized or put up for adoption, the latter of which seemed unlikely as foxes are not the usual idea of a safe, family pet. However, when word got around of Cropper’s unfortunate situation, one man with the means and open-heartedness came forward to the rescue.

According to Wildlife Online, keeping foxes as pets, while legal in England, is strongly discouraged as they are “very boisterous and destructive as they grow. … They will require some form of containment… to prevent/minimise potential damage to the house or garden. They’re insatiably curious and have a considerable amount of energy that needs to be taken into consideration.”

However, Trowler had been accustomed to caring for wounded foxes, having helped care for and release them in the past. He thus had no problem letting Cropper live with him as he already had large cages in his nine-acre garden. The fox got comfortable in its new home as Trowler helped restore it to health. It liked belly rubs and snuggling with the cats in the house.

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Unfortunately, Cropper passed away six years later. The fox had a great life while it was with Trowler and was well taken care of. This fox and its owner built a wonderful relationship, and Trowler meant as much to Cropper as Cropper meant to him.

Trowler later took care of baby foxes that had to be cared for prior to being released to go out and live on their own. He also took in another full-grown fox into his home and later adopted him. Trowler named him Jack.

In an endearing clip showing Trowler spending time with Jack, the elderly owner was quick to dismiss certain misconceptions about foxes, which many people regard as vermin.

“(Foxes) have the nicest nature of any animal I have ever met. They are considerate, helpful, particularly towards young foxes – any adult fox will look after any youngster regardless of relationship. They don't have to be their own children,” he said.

Although Jack is a wild animal, he doesn’t act wild. In the clip, the spunky Jack was seen playing ball with Trowler like any feisty puppy would, as well as curling up in his arms as they watched television together. As Jack grew too tired, he fell fast asleep in Trowler’s arms.

Foxes are also known to be very pungent, and in the video, Trowler bathed Jack, so the little fox didn't stink up the house. Even then, Jack remained calm, as well as after his bath when Trowler dried him off with a hairdryer.

“Too often, the fox is painted as a villain – the baddie – and in fact, that is totally contrary to his nature,” Trowler said. “The last thing he is is a villain. Yes, he may do naughty things but not to those that are nice to him.”

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