Retired Texas Man Rescues Homeless Stray Dogs and Takes Them On Cute Dog Train Rides

Back in 2015, Eugene Bostick started a new career 15 years after retirement. Bostick, from Fort Worth, built a miniature train which he happens to run for rescued dogs.

After taking in abandoned animals for years, Bostick although already caring for them, felt they could do with a little extra fun. And so his doggy train came about. 

According to The Dodo, this wasn’t something Bostick ever planned on doing. It just kind of happened. His heart opened up to the idea when he kept seeing people abandoning their dogs. That’s when Bostick, along with his brother, felt a need to help out the strays.

Bostic resides on a dead-end street. Located on his property is a horse barn that he and his brother own. At times, people would drop their dogs off, without plans of returning. The dogs would’ve starved if it wasn’t for Bostick and his brother. They began to feed them and take them in. They even go as far as to taking care of their vetting needs, including having the dogs neutered and spayed as needed.

Bostick took in many dogs over the years. At their farm, they could run around and play. They were able to feel free and stay safe at the same time.

This was great for them, but Bostick had more plans. He thought that if they were able to take a trip occasionally, this might make them happier.

He recalls seeing a man with a tractor that had carts attached to it and he knew that’s exactly what he needed. He thought it would be great for a dog train. 

Since he is a welder, he was able to take care of building the train himself. He used plastic barrels. He cut holes into them and attached wheels underneath. This created the perfect carts for his train.

Bostick and his dog train's  Facebook page can be seen here.

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