Retired Professional Wants Sharp Look — Makeover Blows Her Away

Sep 28, 2020 by apost team

Many of us find that retirement gives us the freedom to do as we please after years of working as professionals who need to adhere to a certain standard. For Nancy from Miller, South Dakota, retirement meant that a casual style was much more convenient, but not something she was enjoying for too long. She came to Christopher Hopkins a.k.a The Makeover Guy to get out of a rut and find her way back to a more "put together" look. Christopher hears her loud and clear and delivers another incredible makeover. 

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For Nany from Miller, South Dakota, being "put together" was a requirement for her career. She is 63 and a half years old and has probably been retired for a couple of years. It might be common that many people such as Nancy who had lived a large chunk of their life adhering to a professional standard find that a casual style is not their preference after a while. 

This is what Nancy says: "I was put together for a lot of years, and I would like to look more put together. I've become very casual in retirement and I need a new look."

She continues by saying that she feels very drawn, looking much older, and not as perky as she feels inside. Her long, blond hair is tied into a ponytail with a baseball cap every day because that's the kind of gal she is. It was important for her that her casual style is elevated with a sharper and well-defined look. 

Christoper Hopkins a.k.a The Makeover Guy brings people's preferences to life. He is an excellent stylist with an incredible intuition, which often helps him create looks with new elements that his client had in mind but could not always articulate. 

Nancy is clearly excited about her transformation when she sees it, and exclaims that her "fantabulous" new look and a great day out with her sister and the people at the Makeover Guy Salon has made her really happy. 

Christopher didn't do an all-new look but merely worked with Nancy's strengths: an angled new haircut with a warmer hait color helps her to maintain a sharp style that is certainly more professional than before, but isn't so complex that she has to spend hours primping it. 

She looks more radiant and open with her new style as well. She is able to reflect on the outside what she feels on the inside, which is a very important development. Many of us might have been in a similar position in our lives, where how we feel about ourselves just doesn't seem to show in our appearance. 

This is Christoper's incredible skill: to bring out the woman by highlighting her looks as well as her personality. After all, we are more than what we are on the outside, but when our outer shell doesn't feel like it's best, a stylish transformation always brings out the best of our inner personalities as well. 

You can see for yourself Nancy's beautiful transformation in the video below: 

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