Retired Cop Sees Red-Faced Baby Shaking In Car, Notices Empty Driver's Seat And Takes Action

Feb 26, 2020

In Howell, New Jersey, retired police officer Steve Eckel was on his way to do some shopping at a local department store when he noticed a baby in a parked car. The child was red-faced, shaking and crying inside the vehicle with nobody else in sight. Knowing how fatal being trapped in a hot car can be for babies, Eckel grabbed a hammer he kept ins his car's trunk and hurriedly freed the child.

A baby was in a car unattended and described as bright-red, with all windows rolled up.
Steve Eckel, retired police officer and father of six quickly became a hero after scavenging through his own car and finding a sledgehammer to get into the locked car.

He happened to have a sledgehammer because he'd been working on a renovation project recently. The baby was helpless, wearing a pink onesie, sweating profusely and quickly losing consciousness.

Eckel was able to break into the vehicle and retrieve the baby, cooling her down and calling for medical help.

Upon investigation, the car was determined to be about 120 degrees inside. "Things happen for a reason" the retired officer stated in a recent video about his heroic effort.

The world health organization reports more than 36 babies die in hot cars every year in the United States, making Steve's discovery and quick-thinking a truly life-saving moment for this baby and her family.

Ways to make sure your children are safe in the car include car seat alarms to alert the driver when the baby is in their seat and apps to remind you to always double-check the backseat.

Other tips include leaving a shoe, purse or wallet in the backseat to avoid forgetting your child in a moment of distraction. Building these small habits are an easy way to keep children safe and ensure that no children will be left behind in a shuffle.