Resurfaced Photo Of The Queen Mother Reveals Her Uncanny Resemblance To Princess Charlotte

Oct 07, 2022 by apost team

In the British royal family, women are held in strong regard, mainly because of the power they radiate and the strength that ties them together. With Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, the focus on Prince William, who is the first-in-line to the throne after his father, King Charles III, has magnified even more. Apart from Kate Middleton, everyone’s eyes are on the couple’s only daughter, Princess Charlotte, who, in a newly-unearthed photo, strikes an uncanny resemblance to a member of the royal family whom she never got to meet. 

As each year passes by, Princess Charlotte continues to grow into the gorgeous little girl that she's becoming. But with the passing of time, it also becomes more clear that the only daughter of William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, has a striking resemblance to multiple family members, including her father, her grandmother, Princess Diana, and her late great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Born on May 2, 2015, Charlotte is the middle child of the Wales family, as she has an older brother, Prince George, and a younger brother, Prince Louis. She is currently third in the line of succession to the throne, following her father and her older brother. Charlotte’s full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, which honors both her grandmother and the previous reigning monarch and her late great-grandmother, the queen.

The little princess is 8 years old nowadays, and with each year that passes, her personality comes out more. In fact, she's proving to be the cheekiest member of the royal family.

Besides her fiery personality, Charlotte's resemblance to various members of the royal family has had fans talking. But beyond her father, grandmother and great-grandmother, a newly unearthed photo has revealed that Charlotte also has a strong resemblance to her great-great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother! 

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, T Cayalet, Doris Harcourt (1910), (W. G. Phillips/Phillips/Getty Images)

It's well known that Princess Charlotte bears a resemblance to her grandmother Princess Diana. Sadly, Diana died in a tragic car accident in Paris in 1997, which means Charlotte was never able to meet her. However, Princess Diana is not the only member of the royal family whom many described Charlotte to have looked alike when young. In fact, even her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, also bears a striking resemblance to the little princess. 

As Charlotte continues to get older, fans can’t help but notice the similarities she has with her late great-grandmother. Her serious eyes are often said to resemble the queen’s pensive face. Charlotte’s emotions will surely only be more visible as her budding personality continues to develop throughout the years. 

While Charlotte has already shown a strong interest in horses and horseback riding, it’s clear that her love comes from none other than her great-grandmother! The queen was known to be pony-mad for as long as the royal family can remember, and she definitely instilled that passion in the younger generation.

On many occasions, photos that were taken when Queen Elizabeth was still young have been compared to Princess Charlotte’s early baby photographs, proving that surely the queen’s bloodline was so strong it transcended until future generations. 

However, Princess Charlotte’s resemblance to her great-grandmother Elizabeth and grandmother Diana was not something new to the public. 

A newly-unveiled photo by the official account of the Glamis Castle in Scotland, which was the home of the 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, the father of Claude Bowes-Lyon, has brought up new images of royals from the past. The residence eventually became the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth II’s mother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, formally known as Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon.

Princess Charlotte (2017), (HRH The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images)

Pulling up the archives of the Queen Mother’s decades-old photos, they have proven that the Lyon bloodline and firm regal looks have been passed on from generation to generation. 

In a sepia-toned photograph that the Glamis Castle account posted on their official Instagram, it showed a young Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, dressed in white with a white bowl hat, sitting on the side of what seemed to be a stone building. 

Another photo of the Queen Mother was also posted, which highlighted the royal’s young, doe-eyes, full of passion and excitement for a huge life ahead of her. 

Comparing it to Prince Charlotte’s recent photos, the castle archivist must have taken a double glance to confirm whether it was actually the Queen Mother or Charlotte. 

Since its posting, the images have already gained thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, all surprised by the beautiful picture of the young Queen Mother and Princess Charlotte. 

“I’ve always thought Charlotte looked just like her late great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Now I see her resemblance to her great-great-grandmother! Family genes run strong,” someone pointed out in the comments. 

"They really look alike. Beautiful pictures of the Queen Mother," another user posted. 

Evidently, many have likened Charlotte to other royals, but it seems like the Queen Mother is the oldest royal to have been compared with the little princess. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother died in March 2002, while Princess Charlotte was born in 2015. 

With Charlotte being 8 years old, she will surely have a lot of time to grow and be the beautiful young royal she will become. 

Do you see the resemblance between Princess Charlotte and the Queen Mother? Who do you think she resembles more, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth or the Queen Mother? Show this article to your friends and family and ask them for their opinion!

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