Restaurant Waitress Helped Save A Toddler After Noticing Potential Child Abuse

Jordan Cooper did more than just serve up pasta and breadsticks during her Sunday evening shift at the Olive Garden. The part-time waitress usually works weekends but does not normally go in on Sunday evenings. Thankfully, she was there on a recent Sunday.

Cooper immediately noticed that something did not seem right with one of her tables. The family's two young children were especially fussy. The baby, described by Cooper as probably younger than two-years-old, had a face that was black and blue all over.

Whenever the baby would cry, the dad would take her to the bathroom, Cooper told WPSD. The waitress from Paris, Tennessee also said that the parents treated the children harshly and were quick to anger.

Because she could not shake the gut feeling that something was terribly wrong, Cooper was able to take a picture of the man. The quick-thinking waitress was also able to get the license plate of the car.

She immediately reported the incident to authorities. "She looked at me with a face that said help," Cooper said to WPSD of one of the children. 

Cooper also put the information on social media, quickly garnering over 1,000 shares. Because of her actions, Mark Lee Pierce and Jessica Woodworth were charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect.

Thankfully, the sweet children are now both safe.

After you read more about this story, be sure to spread the news of Cooper's heroics to everyone that you know. This story is a good reminder that it is important to stay alert and do your part to help those that need it the most.