Restaurant Staff Sing 'Amazing Grace' To Man Dying Of Brain Tumor As He Eats His One Of His Final Meals

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

Back in July, an elderly veteran by the name of Mr. Chauvin was dining at The Little Big Cup in Arnaudville, Louisiana when he was treated to Amazing Grace sung to him by everyone in the diner as they had learned that he was dying.

What can you do if your time here on earth is over? Almost everyone would like to spend time with their family. It isn't any different from this older man who takes his family out to his favorite restaurant.

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The harmonies of the song ring ideally across the restaurant and everyone is astounded with how beautifully its sounds. Other customers join in together with the man's wife to ensure that he makes a lasting memory of the love shown by everyone around him. As the song says, it indeed was the grace that made the man live healthy that day despite all the challenges he was facing. It was indeed incredible.

Sanjay Maharaj, the restaurant owner, wrote on Facebook, "I'm still in shock. Mr. Chauvin is dying, and he wanted one of his last meals at The Little Big Cup. Our employees and guests joined his family, celebrating his wonderful life."

Harmonies and amazing voices fill the room as the employees sing. Mr. Chauvin and his wife wipe their tears, and she reaches to hold his hand comfortingly across the table. What a beautiful and moving scene it was.

The entire room cheers for singers and dying man, at the end of the video, in the restaurant, and he waves to show appreciation—what a fantastic act of heartfelt kindness. The man and his family were undoubtedly surprised by the heartwarming song of employees and honored in that unique way.

Well, that is humanity at its finest. Joining hands to support a dying man and his family during tough times is what makes people human. His wife holds steady throughout the performance and needs all the support she could get. Mr. Chauvin may be dying, but that doesn't mean he didn't need a celebration.

Standing strong with his family makes all the difference. Celebrating the good times he had and not dwelling on the heart-wrenching news of his imminent death gave the family strength to accept and make the best of the time left. People are more energetic together.

People should support others during their time of need and motivate each other to keep fighting by any means applicable. With the hope of a better tomorrow in people's hearts and a show of love from you, someone somewhere may today feel the touch of a guardian angel. And that is enough to make them keep going.

Stories like these give hope where there are none and strength to the weak. Telling these stories to others to comfort and encourage them, maybe that act of kindness as you may never know what's ailing them. Keep the fighting spirit of humanity alive through this story and others of its like. This show of kindness may touch a heart, and perhaps a life saved. Understanding is kindness, no matter how small it may seem to you.

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