Restaurant Makes Controversial Rule To Prohibit Children Under 14

Everything changes when you have kids. Even the simple act of going out to eat can feel like organizing a five-star event. Once you actually get to the restaurant, you may go from regular patron to ringleader, trying your best to make sure your kids don't get too wild and disturb other people enjoying their meals.

While most people are sympathetic toward parents, there are some instances where children's behavior is just uncalled for. One restaurant in Germany got so fed up with unruly families in its establishment that it banned anyone under 14 from entering its doors after 5 P.M.

Oma’s Küche, which translates to "Grandma's Kitchen," is a German eatery located in Binz on Rugen Island. For years, tourists and locals alike have visited the restaurant to enjoy delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere. Although the staff always tried to accommodate even the most difficult guests, owner Rudolf Markl eventually had enough of parents "who cannot control their children," reports DW.

After one group of children damaged expensive antiques, Markl decided to enact a ban that would disallow anyone under the age of 14 to dine in the restaurant in the evening. When people are out on a date or simply wish to enjoy a relaxing dinner, they do not need to be subjected to yelling, fighting children running around the restaurant.

From pulling tablecloths to using wine glasses like footballs, children in the restaurant have been a problem for a while. Markl does not want to exclude anyone, but he has witnessed first-hand how so many parents would completely ignore their children's terrible behavior while other guests had to suffer.

The ban in Oma’s Küche has sparked controversy online; some people are all for the ban, but others, mostly parents, find the rule to be unjust and exclusionary. Although such a decision is bound to receive some form of criticism, it's understandable why Markl wanted to prioritize his restaurant's guests' comfort and preserve the property. No patronage is worth ruining someone else's meal.

What are your thoughts on the ban? Have you ever had to deal with out-of-control children in a public space, even as a parent? Tell us your stories in the comments.