Researchers Left Cameras In The Woods Hoping To Record Grizzly Bears But Got More Than Bargained

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

In 2016, researchers with BBC Earth devised a camera set up to record grizzly bears. The recovered video footage turned up some surprises.

Setting up secret cameras in the woods remains a typical strategy performed by animal researchers. Hiding a camera out of sight and then letting the images record events during the day and night opens doors to making intriguing discoveries about animals and their behavior.

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Who would think grizzly bears suffer from annoying itches they can't reach? Footage taken by BBC Earth from the Canadian Rockies shows grizzlies furiously rubbing their backs against various trees to alleviate the annoying itch.

Bears can't ask other bears to scratch a hard to miss a spot. Nor do they have access to wooden or plastic backscratchers. Then again, humans may find themselves rubbing against walls in their home to deal with a scratch, too. Maybe the bears' behavior should be too surprising.

The video, which is part of BBC's Planet Earth IIhas also been turned into a music video. They added the song Jungle Boogie to the video. Film fans likely remember the song from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. The bear version comes off as a bit more jovial than Tarantino's gangster film.

When watching the video, you'd think the bears heard the song while scratching their backs. The bears do seem to know a little bit about dancing. They may dance a bit better than some humans.

Does the video footage reveal interesting scientific data? Well, the music video only presents a two-minute humorous clip. For now, everyone can take a break and enjoy a fun music video featuring some underappreciated giants of the animal kingdom. Who says grizzly bears are only scary?

You may have a friend or family member who is a bear lover. Why not show this person the video? The video would surely make him or her smile!

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