Researchers Have Proven That Couples Who Roast Each Other Stay Together Longest

Nov 09, 2018 by apost team

Do you and your partner get a kick out of roasting each other? If so, you are probably on the road to a long-lasting relationship according to experts. New research from Appalachian State University has revealed that the ability to make fun of each other (roasting) is a sign of a healthy relationship. Who knew your sarcasm and endless chiding would actually be good for something?

What makes a good relationship?

When it comes to relationship success, happiness and longevity rely upon a lot more than just liking one another. Many people underestimate the importance of humor. The ability to trust one another, tell the truth and make compromises are all a good start to a healthy foundation, but people also need to share similar goals and values, likes and dislikes as well as a sense of humor.

An Unexpected Discovery

The study at the University of Kansas revealed that roasting each other can actually indicate a relationship's possibility of success. Poking fun at each other and being able to chide little things in a light-hearted, sarcastic manner may actually bring you closer together and be a sign of closer intimacy.

Understanding Their Idiosyncrasies

Every person has their own idiosyncrasies, and every relationship has its fair share of quirks. on When you're in a relationship, you get to see beyond a person's image and into their true nature. You learn about the weirdest, off-beat sides of their personality that might not be the most flattering.

Call-Out Culture

Nowadays, roasting is a form of affection. Experts insist on calling each other out on your quirks creates a higher connection. You are able to acknowledge your partner's weird habits and let them know you see them but accept them anyway. When you roast each other, you demonstrate that your feelings aren't going to be swayed by seeing the "other side" of your significant other.

How to Roast Your Partner

The key to properly roasting your significant other lies in delivery and intention. You have to be jocular and mean no harm. Your roasts should never devalue, degrade or insult their character.

Know Your Boundaries

Roasting has to be done with decorum. Your partner should never feel like you're bringing up their flaws or insecurities on purpose and deliberately hurting them. Humor and good intent make light-hearted roasts a healthy part of a couple's rapport, but criticism and insults have no place here.

When you roast each other, you're essentially saying that you accept and love your partner despite their oddities. You are able to relieve insecurity and build confidence in yourselves as well as strengthen your bond as couple.

How Laughing Helps Your Relationship

The old saying "laughter is the best medicine" is true. People who laugh often together are able to reduce stress, build self-esteem and learn to accept themselves for who they are as individuals as well as a partner.

Lower Stress Levels

Numerous studies have demonstrated laughter reduces stress and lowers blood pressure, and a good laugh can even be as relaxing to the mind and body as meditation. With less stress, people aren't as prone to arguing and instead spend their time finding new things to do together and enjoying one another's company.


Teasing each other creates a special moment that's just between the two of you. A good relationship develops a fair share of inside jokes that create a common bond and enhance your communication and intimacy. The memories you make from your little quips will also be able to be brought up down the road, which makes you feel fond of the time you've spent together and can relieve more stress later on as well.

Better Bonds

Laughter helps people cope with difficult situations. Dr. Dorris Bazzini, one of the researchers in the study, says that inside jokes, pet names and other things people outside of the relationship just don't "get" make a relationship stronger.

Better Arguments

No one wants to fight with their partner, but it's inevitable if you spend a lot of time together. The closer you become with someone, the more you learn about them, which means you'll eventually find places you disagree and wind up arguing.

Roasting each other and having the ability to add humor into a tense situation without coming off as dismissive will deescalate fights and lead to faster, better resolutions.

A Strengthened Immune System

Frequent laughter has been shown to boost the immune system and make you physically less susceptible to illnesses like the flu and cold.

Greater Intimacy in the Bedroom

Dr. Gill Greengross of the University of Mexico explains how humor makes a partner more attractive. The ability to laugh together and at one another diffuses nerves and makes your intimate moments more enjoyable. Stress lowers libido, so a couple who is always fighting or too tense in their relationship won't enjoy the same level of physical intimacy as much as a couple who knows how to make each other laugh.

Venting in a Healthy Way

When you joke with your partner at their own expense, you're actually able to voice something that irritates you without having to start a fight.

Roasting Leads to Overall Healthier Relationships Edwards

Studies show couples who can make fun of each other on a regular basis tend to be happier and have less stress. Couples who are able to jokingly point out one another's downfalls are even closer, and they know how to express themselves to one another without hurting anyone's feelings.

Remember to keep your roasting light and never dish a low-blow that insults your partner's character. Your relationship should always be rooted in respect, affection and appreciation, even when you're roasting each other!

Do you and your partner roast each other regularly? Let us know your experience in the comments and pass this along to another couple who's always making fun of each other!