Research Shows Eating Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Is Good For Your Brain And Waistline

Mar 23, 2018 by apost team

There is nothing quite like a delicious piece of chocolate cake, but we stay away from this indulgent treat because it’s not good for our body. However, new research has found that the opposite may actually be true!

Yes, that's right, scientists have learned that eating chocolate cake is not having negative effects on your body if you consume it early in the day, and there’s no reason to feel guilty when treating yourself to a slice. Chocolate cake can actually benefit your early morning routine.

Syracuse University conducted a research study of almost 1000 participants in New York, and we can’t help but think that these participants weren't exactly forced to help out! The ages of participants ranged from 23-98 years-old.

The results showed that chocolate actually has a positive effect on memory and abstract thinking, so if you eat enough of it you will notice an improvement in your cognition and brain function. Scientists also found that eating chocolate helps people work harder, not longer! You will get more done in a shorter time slot than if you didn't eat chocolate at all. Another study also suggested that eating cake regularly will actually help towards losing weight because the brain needs energy the moment you wake up. A slice of chocolate cake contains enough energy to kickstart your metabolism, and the body is able to process the carbs and sugar more efficiently in the morning so that it doesn’t settle as fat on your body.

A dark chocolate cake is preferred over milk chocolate, since dark chocolate promotes good heart health and is an instant mood-booster. Remember to also drink plenty of water and stay away from sugary carbs in the afternoon and evening since your delicious slice of cake was already the perfect addition to your daily diet.

Do you think you’ll try having a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast? Pass this info along to your friends to see who is willing to give this peculiar, yet amazing, breakfast food a try!