Research Says Talking To Yourself Can Really Improve Your Brain

You know you have seen a person talking to themselves and thought to yourself that they are a bit strange. The thing is - YOU might want to start actually saying that to yourself instead of thinking it. Why? Because you just might get smarter! But, how?


You will organize thoughts better.

Yup, research shows those who have regular internal dialogue are better at processing more thoughts simultaneously because they can organize their thoughts better. So by focusing on your thoughts, by saying them out loud, you will be able to get a better grip on them, and therefore, achieve greater mental clarity.


You will have a much better memory.

When you start saying things out loud, you are reinforcing what is inside your head. Doing this will allow you to memorize things and then later recall them better than just thinking about them.


Your brain will be more efficient.

If you would like to think more quickly and with more clarity, start talking! Studies show that those who practice this in stores find what is on their lists quicker. So, go ahead and be that crazy lady in the next aisle!


You achieve your goals.

When you vocalize your goals, you are setting yourself up to being more likely achieve them. Saying them aloud helps you focus on what you want to accomplish, solidifying your resolve to reach them.


So be that crazy person that people cross the street to get away from. Then when they do, make sure to tell yourself that you are the smarter one. Literally!