Rescuers Rush To Save Two Clydesdales Trapped Inmidst Frozen Lake Before It’s Too Late

Rescuing an animal that's fallen through the ice on a frozen lake is a risky endeavor, even if it's a small pet who doesn't weigh very much. Imagine how challenging a task it must be to rescue a large animal, like a horse! That's exactly the type of scenario a rescue crew in Pennsylvania found themselves in on February 16th. Instead of just one horse, however, the crew found two Clydesdale horses in this desperate situation!

The two Clydesdale horses, Wilhelm and Gunther, escaped from their enclosure at Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm outside of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. They ended up venturing out onto the frozen Pine Grove Lake where the ice broke beneath their weight. The two 15-year-old horses were instantly plunged into the frigid water beneath them.

They couldn't get out of the 10-foot-deep water on their own. Their prospects of survival looked grim. Thankfully, the first responders from Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder Fire Company came to their rescue.

The Fire Department Chief, Leon Clapper, told reporters from WBRE-TV that all the crew could see was the horse's heads popping up over the surface of the ice.

Weighing in at 1,500 pounds apiece, these two horses wouldn't be easy to pull from the water. They were quickly losing their stamina as they tried and failed to free themselves from the icy water.

The team cut a path through the ice using a boat. They encircled each horse with rescue rope lines and guided them back to the shore of the lake. The farm's manager, Milton Mosier, felt helpless watching the horses grow more and more exhausted as they struggled to leave the water. He felt overcome with emotion as he watched the scene unfold.

The entire rescue process took around one hour. Members of the local community brought much-needed supplies to help the shivering horses once the ordeal was finally over. These included blankets and heaters to help bring their body temperatures back to normal. Everyone rallied around these beloved animals, from the rescue crew to the farm manager, to friends and neighbors. A vetrenarian specializing in horse care was called in to give each horse an IV.

Overall, the horses made a remarkable comeback from this near-tragic event. Wilhelm had to get stitches and his eye was sore for a while, but other than that, the two Clydesdales are doing just fine. The community is extremely thankful for their survival and continued good health and happiness. 

Witness Arlene Reading told WNEP that the rescue was filled with worry and concern for the Clydesdales.

“There were tears because we were worried,” Reading said. “They are beautiful, beautiful animals. Everybody worked together and got these horses out safely.”

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