Rescuers Cut Open Boxes Shut Tight With Tape, Discover 11 Cats Left For Dead Trapped Inside

In the current environment, suspicious packages sitting on the side of a road understandably garner attention and require a closer look. When Wendy discovered several boxes taped shut with an astonishing amount of tape, she immediately grew concerned.

This London resident decided to take a closer look, and she quickly suspected that animals were inside when she heard sounds coming from inside the box.

When professionals from a rescue group arrived, they were concerned because the boxes were located in an alley just off of a busy road.

They poked ventilation holes in the boxes and immediately transported the boxes to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust so that the animals could be properly cared for.

Once the boxes were opened, the rescue workers discovered that they contained a total of nine younger cats and two older cats. This moment was caught on video, and the footage shows the sad faces of the cats inside.

The cats were hungry and in need of care. A closer inspection revealed that they were otherwise healthy except for being flea-ridden and underfed.

The rescue workers believe that they had once been handled with care and owned by someone who enjoyed their company. This is because they were clearly scared but were not skittish as wild animals may be.

Because the boxes were sealed so tightly, the vets who treated them do not believe that they were inside the boxes for very long. In fact, the vets believe that they would not have survived in the boxes for more than a few hours.

With the location of the boxes just off of a busy road, it is clear that someone wanted to get rid of the cats for good. 

Nonetheless, rescue workers were perplexed why the cats were discarded in this manner if they had once been someone’s pet.

The story of the cats made its way to the public, and many people have already inquired about adopting them. Currently, the cats are being treated for worms and fleas.

They are also recovering from shock, getting vaccinated and microchips and being cared for in other ways.

Rescue workers are thrilled that so many people have expressed interest in adopting the cats as soon as they are ready to go to forever homes.

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