Rescued Dog Overjoyed To Be Off Chain — Refuses To Let Rescuer Talk On Phone

Sep 19, 2020 by apost team

Dogs have long been regarded as man's best friend, but man is not always very friendly with canines. When Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, VA found out about a beautiful pit bull named Asher tied up with a chain in 2014, the rescuers knew they had to step in and rescue this precious animal. Rescue dogs are always keen to show their appreciation for a second chance at life, and Asher is definitely a champion at showing his gratitude. One of the rescuers who helped to liberate Asher from his literal chains was on a conference call with the CEO of the company when he decided to show her just how much he loves her!

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Although pit bulls are by no means small animals, Asher wanted to get up close and personal with the rescuer. Climbing into her lap as she attempts to keep a straight face on the conference call, Asher wraps his paws around her in a loving embrace. Rubbing his face on hers and giving lots of kisses and love, there is no mistaking how much Asher appreciates his new "leash" on life.

As Asher makes himself comfortable standing on the woman's lap, she clearly enjoys every moment of the encounter as she smiles and lovingly pats her newfound furry-friend. Though Asher had a great time with the rescuers at Dogs Deserve Better, he's even more ecstatic to explore his new forever home with plenty of room to run.

Once limited to the length of a chain, Asher now roams freely with his new family, which includes plenty of playmates to socialize with. Dogs Deserve Better had this to say on their social media page:

“His new brother is Benji and they are the best of friends. He has 17 acres that he walks daily and loves to go to the garden with his Dad. He steals tomatoes from the bucket when they are brought in, rolls them down the hall, and tries to eat them before his Mom cans them. He also has 30 chicken friends that he is very curious about but won’t swim in the pool with his Mom yet! He has adjusted amazingly and is spoiled rotten!”

Now that Asher is off of the chain for good, he's sure to live out his years with plenty of fun and excitement with his mom and dad, not to mention all of the exciting new friends he gets to play with.

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