Rescue Workers Free Cow Trapped In Tree Following Devastating Hurricane

Sep 07, 2021 by apost team

Hurricane Ida left turmoil in its path when it hit several states along the east coast of the United States in late August 2021. Its effects were detrimental to many residents in Louisiana, with extremely high wind gusts and plenty of rainfall that led to a mass amount of flooding. States of emergency were declared in several states in the Northeast, with many events canceled due to the unsafe conditions. 

There has been one silver lining that has come from the hurricane’s destructive path: togetherness. Families, friends, and neighbors helped each other survive the storm together by seeking shelter and turning to each other for safety and comfort. With many still without power and struggling to maneuver around their cities, finding others to lean on has been critical in moving forward. 

There have also been some unique circumstances involved with this damaging natural disaster. The Associated Press reported that a previous report of animals escaping a zoo in the state of New Jersey was false; however, there have been some animals that have definitely been impacted by this severe storm. While it’s common for pet owners to make sure their furry friends are kept safe and sound during challenging weather conditions like this, a few others also needed some help following the hurricane’s destructive path. 

A cow in Louisiana needed some assistance after getting stuck in a pretty unusual place. It took some teamwork from a few helpful humans as they worked diligently to rescue the cow from being nestled up in a tree close to New Orleans.

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See The Rescuers In Action

The wrath of Hurricane Ida has not been easy to overcome, as many residents in several states along the east coast have been impacted by its devastating nature. According to USA Today, tens of thousands of residents in Louisiana were still without power days after the hurricane first struck the state, and many are expected to continue to be without electricity until the end of September 2021. Hurricane Ida has been recorded as the second most damaging hurricane in the state of Louisiana, following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. USA Today reported that it is also tied for the fifth strongest hurricane to hit the United States based on windspeed at landfall.

On Aug. 31, 2021, rescuers found a cow that was stuck in a tree in Florissant, Louisiana, following the destructive nature Hurricane Ida left in its tracks. According to USA Today, Road Yard’s chief of operations Louis Pomes and parish government employees Tyler Acosta, David Palmer and Roy Ragan Sr. teamed up to help rescue the trapped animal. It’s safe to say that this was a pretty unusual place to spot a cow, and many people were completely in disbelief at the strange situation.

In a video obtained by the Independent, the team of rescuers were spotted doing everything they could to safely and effectively get the cow out of the tree. Trying to free an extremely large and heavy animal is no easy feat, but that didn’t stop Pomes, Acosta, Palmer, and Ragan from trying their best. One rescuer used a chainsaw to hack away at the branches the cow was wedged between, careful not to injure the animal in the process before successfully saving the cow.

What did you think about this rescue mission? Were you surprised to see that such a large animal found itself in such an unusual situation? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to your family members and friends, too!

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