Rescue Dog Befriends Fox And They Become As Close As Brothers

Jan 14, 2020

A dog and a fox became best buddies when the dog’s owner made the fox a pet.

The fox’s name is Juniper, and people who’ve seen her in a video love her cheerful expression and entertaining behavior. The dog’s name is Moose. He’s a rescue canine.

It is important to note that even though Juniper’s owner treats her like a pet, she doesn’t advise having a fox for a pet. She points out that aside from foxes stinking, the care they need is unique and intense. They are different from dogs, even though they are in the dog family, and they are headstrong animals.

Unlike dogs, foxes have no desire to gratify humans. Juniper does have a desire to make Moose happy, though. Her owner stated that Juniper is very fond of dogs, and she really likes her four-legged housemate. They have known each other from the time Juniper was very young.

Because foxes make dogs anxious, most canines don’t like Juniper, even though she loves them. Since foxes and dogs convey messages using body language, and since their body language isn’t the same, Moose has trouble understanding Juniper.

When Juniper plays with other dogs she’s known a long time. Her tail is wagging, which shows that she’s meek. This is a sign canines understand.

Moose can’t persuade Juniper to jump in the lake for a dip. Juniper is happy to give Moose a hug, though. Juniper is thrilled to see Moose after missing him while he was absent. For Juniper, Moose is similar to an older brother. Or a loving sweetheart. Juniper’s silliness doesn’t seem to bother Moose.

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