Regular Traffic Stop Turns Into Dramatic Rescue When Officer Saves Life Of Breathless, 12-Day-Old Baby

Jul 16, 2019

What Deputy William Kimbro thought was going to be a routine traffic stop turned into a heroic rescue. After pulling over a car in South Carolina for speeding, Deputy Kimbro realized the people behind the wheel had been driving so fast because their 12-day-old baby had stopped breathing.

The mother told Kimbro her little girl Riley became unresponsive after drinking a bottle. The dramatic event was caught on Kimbro’s body camera which shows him immediately sprinting into action. He lays the baby down on her mother’s laps and then begins trying to keep her breathing.

'Come on baby, cry for me, cry for me,' you can hear Kimbro saying in the video. 'Open those eyes, sweetheart.” The officer tries to clear out Riley’s mouth and massages her heart to get her to breathe again. The little tot thankfully begins to wiggle and her chest goes up and down “I didn’t feel a heartbeat earlier so I started massaging her heart and now I feel it it's really strong now,” Kimbro says as first responders arrive on the scene.

Riley was taken to the hospital where she fully recovered.“The whole time I was thinking to myself ‘Do not let this baby die in front of her mother and her grandmother just don’t’” Kimbro said to Inside Edition. The Berkley Country Sheriffs Office posted the video on its Facebook page where they commended Deputy Kimbros efforts, "Because of deputy Kimbro's steadfast, professional and heroic response, the 12-day-old baby was able to live,” they wrote.  

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