Redheaded People Have Some Unique Genetic Features, According To Science

Redheads get a lot of attention on account of their hair. Not only is it hard to look away when a person with flaming red hair walks by, but being a redhead comes with a lot of stereotypes as well. Even among celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Jessica Chastain, or Prince Harry we find that much talk is centered around the color of their hair.

Despite some negative connotations implied about gingers, there are some positive benefits that come with it. Let's encourage redheads everywhere to embrace their attention-grabbing locks.

But besides being special on the outside, one of the outstanding biological benefits is their ability to handle pain. According to a 2005 study conducted by McGill University, humans with naturally red hair need less morphine to numb their pain. This may be due to the MC1R gene mutation that is also the cause of their hair color.

Another study by the University of Louisville showed that redheads require more general anesthesia when they go into surgery. This shows that redheads are very resilient people! Another study from 2005 also by the University of Louisville showed that redheads are sensitive to temperature changes. This means they can detect seasons or weather changes much sooner than others.

One other interesting fact is that redheads generate more vitamin D than the average person reports the New York Post, based on information from "The Big Redhead Book." This is also thanks to their MC1R gene mutation. Because of this, their body does not require as much vitamin D intake.

Are you a redhead or are you friends with any gingers? What benefits to having red hair do you notice that you did not read about in our article? Leave us a comment! Encourage a fellow redhead to embrace their ginger locks by showing them this article.

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