Real-Life Rapunzel Treats Her 90-Inch Hair Like A ‘Family Member’ & Grabs Attention In Public

Sep 14, 2023 by apost team

As they say, hair is a person’s crowning glory. That’s why everyone should take good care of their precious mane by giving it love through brushing, washing, and applying hair products. It is also recommended to cut your hair every once in a while.

However, one woman defied all odds as she continued growing her hair from when she was a young girl until she became an adult.

Aliia Nasyrova, dubbed as the “real-life Rapunzel,” was featured on Truly’s YouTube Channel in March 2017 because of her hair, which was often the center of attention because it touches the ground.

The woman, who was from Latvia, mentioned that she had a fascination with long hair ever since her childhood as she saw it on “long-haired heroines from fairy tales.”

She also credited her mom for her long hair, as she helped her maintain it through the years. At the time, she had grown her locks for 20 years, and they reached over 90 inches long or 7.5 feet.

Having long hair is not an easy task as it added over 2 kilos (about 4.4 pounds) to her body weight, and she revealed that it weighs the same as her cat.

Many would assume that maintaining that length would be expensive for Nasyrova, but it wasn’t a problem for her as there were brands who sent her different types of products.

The woman only washes her hair once a week, and the entire process would take her 20 minutes. However, it could be hard if she does not use a hair dryer as it could take a day to dry.

Not only was it a problem for her but also for her husband, Ivan Balaban, as it could hinder their plans whenever they went on vacation.

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Aliia Nasyrova’s husband gave more insight into his wife’s locks, which is longer than her height, as he said in the interview that they treat it like a "family member."

“It has more space in the bed than I have. I always talk to the braid respectfully. Sometimes I ask it to move a bit,” he said before he laughed.

The woman’s hair would often be trimmed once a month, and she does it on her own. However, it wasn’t a chunk, but rather the split ends only.

Even though many would love to have perfect and healthy tresses similar to Nasyrova, who was 27 at the time, she revealed that she encountered some problems whenever she went out in public.

“Some people express their admiration when they see me on the street and some people don’t like it… they are against it,” she said.

In the video, the woman appeared to be in a mall where she turned heads as people constantly looked at her when she strolled around the area. Some people reacted to her hairstyle, and some of them wanted to have it, while others didn't because it would be difficult for them to maintain.

Online users gathered in the comment section to express their amusement regarding Nasyrova’s hair.

“Her hair is absolutely beautiful,” one wrote

“Wow her hair looks reasonably healthy!” another one wrote.

“I love her hair! A perfect chocolate brown, uniquely long (in a beautiful way!) and the huge braid bun was BEAUTIFUL!!” one commented.

As of 2023, Nasyrova continued to post photos of her long hair for her followers’ entertainment. She also collaborated with another Rapunzel-like online personality, Dashik Gubanova.

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