Reaction Of These Quadruplet Babies To Grandma's Christmas Surprise Is Melting Hearts On Internet

Twins are a somewhat rare occasion, and triplets are an even rarer one. What about quadruplets, then? It turns out the chances of having quadruplets is 1 in 67 million. As it just so happens Tim and Bethani Webb beat those odds.

In May of 2016, the couple had quadruplets, and life for them has never been the same since. The girls -- Abigail, Grace, McKayla, and Emily -- are four unique and fun-loving little ladies who have made life in the Webb house crazy yet fun.

Tim spoke to Global News about his daughters and pointed out that they're identical; he still is occasionally unable to tell them apart after two years. He also pointed out that managing the four during feedings, bath-time, and bedtime can be a lot of work, but it's rewarding nonetheless.

One could only imagine what joy they would bring to occasions like birthdays, or in this case, Christmas. Bethani managed to wrangle the quads and bring them to their Grandmother's. When they arrived the girls were greeted by a sight that truly captivated them.

Grandma's house contained a beautiful Christmas tree that was decked out in bright lights, garlands, and shiny decorations. On its own, the tree would've been a wonderfully festive sight, but when the girls saw it, the scene became utterly adorable.

As the girls stare at the tree in amazement, they babble and squeal as they clap their hands excitedly. They then stood and admired the incredible sight. As they gawk at the tree, they clap their hands together. Their enthusiasm and the preciousness of the moment is too much to bear!

The girls also tried talking to the tree. They turned to babble at one another before turning their attention back to the tree. It's sweetly hilarious listening to them. It's even funnier when you realize that they've completely forgotten about their presents sitting under the tree!

One could only imagine what's going these little ladies' minds as they stand around the tree. They never try to take anything off, but are just amazed to look at it. They scamper about excitedly and it's just too cute!

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