Raw Turkey Is A Cake In Reality But People Can't Fathom It

Jul 25, 2020 by apost team

Sarah Hardy is a British baker who made a cake that looked like a turkey. Sarah baked the spongy cake last year as a crazy baking project.

It will be hard for you to believe that you are looking at an optical illusion. The cake looks like a turkey ready to go to the oven. The pink, properly plucked skin, proportional wings, and drumsticks have all been flawlessly executed by the English baker.

Sarah is a wax sculpture artist who uses her expertise to mold layers of sponge cake. She uses chocolate and sugar or marzipan icing to create realistic designs of cakes.


Also known as the “Baker from Hell,” Sarah has a unique talent in making gory and weird chocolate cakes. The intriguing cakes that Sarah bakes look like things that aren’t tasty. They, however, end up being delicious.

You will find more of her cakes at The Edible Museum. In her local community, Sarah has become a household name from her delicacies. She has currently gone viral for baking the “raw turkey cake.” The cake looks just as it sounds, but Sarah put in a lot of work in making it.

Sarah worked as a sculptor, but when she got children, she stopped working. She shifted her energy into making cakes since the kids had to have birthday parties. Sarah is a fan of celebrations. She also loves being called a genius. However, Sarah refutes the claims and notes that it is her ideas that are funny.

She works on her thoughts until they get the right effect. Although the plans do not sound right to everyone, to Sarah, they are worthwhile ventures.

Sarah has been making these eerily-realistic cakes for the past five years. Nevertheless, this unique creation went viral this month. On her official website, she has a tutorial on how to make one yourself. Sarah attended art school, where she learned how to make figures using wax for museums.

Although she enjoyed her work, she was afraid of continually using harmful chemicals once she became pregnant. When she started baking cakes for her kids, she realized she had the potential of baking cakes in various designs. She uses the skills she learned as a wax sculptor.

The turkey cake has a sponge and buttercream base. The cake has four layers of sponge that have buttercream icing. The buttercream icing gives the cake a pink skin tone. Smaller prices have been glued on the cream to form the wings and drumsticks. Once the shape has been achieved, Sarah adds a thin layer of marzipan icing.

She then uses dozens of marzipan pieces to create the plucked skin effect. Sarah also ties the “legs” with a string and paints the cake with food dye to add details. She uses syrup to glaze the cake just before serving. The syrup gives the cake a shiny appearance.

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