Rarely-Seen Recording Of Elvis’ Final Performance Released — Viewers Can’t Stop Enjoying Clip

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

In 1977, during one of the last live performances he ever gave, Elvis sang a new song. He told the rapt audience that it was called Unchained Melody and that it would debut on his next album. Though Elvis was in poor health, he still managed to crack a few jokes between songs.

In the video of this '77 performance, posted below, you can hear titters of laughter coming from the audience when Elvis gently ribs Charlie Hodge, his guitarist, as he struggles to hold Elvis' scarf and microphone.

By 1977, decades of prescription drug abuse and unhealthy habits had wreaked havoc on his body. He had an enlarged intestine, high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, and painful digestive issues, reports PBS News. His health concerns had done little to diminish his popularity however; unable to refuse the cash, Elvis embarked upon a crowd-pleasing tour. 

According to Smooth Radio, despite Elvis's poor health, his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, decided to film the concert for a TV broadcast. Unfortunately, the special wouldn't air until two months after Presley's death. By then, the signs of his poor health, his shortness of breath, his lethargic movements, would seem like sad omens of his eventual fate.


As Charlie Hodge holds the microphone to his lips, Elvis croons into it like it's the last song he'll ever sing. Though Elvis couldn't have known how close he was to the end of his life, this performance is a fitting final note to his legendary career.

After this performance, Elvis had five more stops left on his tour. He gave his final performance on June 26, 1977. In Indianapolis's Market Square Arena, the king of rock sang his final song: Can't Help Falling in Love.

Though Elvis Presley's life ended shortly after, these final performances showcase his talent, passion, and charisma. When you watch the video of Unchained Melody, it's hard to deny his raw, emotional power.

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