Rare Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Will Glow Red In The Sky This Month

Americans all around the country will witness a rather sublime view in the sky, after the sun sets on the evening of January 20: a super blood wolf moon! You will see a magnificent, bright and huge red moon shining in the sky. Here's all you need to know about ‘one of the sky’s most dazzling shows.’


The natural phenomenon is known as, 'Super blood wolf moon', to many astronomers and stargazers for the following reasons:

Firstly, it is a full lunar eclipse, meaning the moon and the sun will align perfectly on opposite sides of the Earth. The planet’s shadow will cover the moon and have a reddish glow, hence the name blood moon. 
NASA has predicted that this century will witness a total of about 84 full lunar eclipses.



Secondly, the name 'wolf moon' will be put in use specifically in the US, as per the Farmer’s Almanac. However, different cultures have different nicknames for the full moons that occur throughout the year.


Thirdly, the eclipse will take place near the moon’s perigee - a point in its orbit when it is closest to the Earth. The moon will look exceptionally bigger and will be brighter than usual, hence the term super moon.

The last longest full blood moon of the 21st century occurred in July, but it was only visible over parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Therefore, the US residents missed it. Another unique super blue moon occurred in January 2018, and visible to people living in Alaska, on the Hawaiian Islands and the West Coast. 
It was the second full moon of the month. 

istockphotos.com/Nicola Colombo

And finally, the super blood wolf moon in this January will be visible to everyone from coast to coast in the country, including the residents living on the Hawaiian Islands. Not just this side of the planet, but, this celestial phenomenon will also be visible in western Africa and Europe.

The predicted time of the event is around 12:12 am EST on January 21 which is 9:12 pm PST on January 20.

Are you excited? You should mark this date on your calendars now. And make a plan to witness nature's one of the most mesmerising events with your family and friends! Send your loved ones this article, so they also know about this event!