Rare Pink Dolphin Gives Birth to Lovely Pink Calf

Apr 16, 2020 by apost team

“Pinky” the dolphin was spotted in 2018 jumping in the wake of a ship with another pink dolphin in the Louisana Calcasieu ship channel. A viewer was able to take a video of the sight as the dolphins jumped in perfect synchronization. Some locals think this second dolphin could be Pinky’s calf. 

Pinky was first spotted by Captain Erik Rue of Calcasieu Charter Service in 2007. The Calcasieu Charters wrote on their website, “It appears to be an uncanny freak of nature, an albino dolphin, with reddish eyes and glossy pink skin.”

She was spotted swimming with her normal colored mother. Since the first sighting, Rue told ABC News, that Pinky has been very sexually active, leading people to believe the second pink dolphin is Pinky’s baby. 


Viewers of the local news station KATC voted to name the second pink dolphin “Brain.” Giving recognition of the 90’s cartoon show, “Pinky and The Brain.” Bridget Boudreaux told KATC that she spotted Pinky with the other dolphin two years ago but she wasn’t able to capture them both on camera. “It was amazing to see. Like I said we saw two but I couldn’t get both on video at the time. I was astonished,” Boudreaux told the news station

Rue talked about Pinky’s behavior due to her discoloration to ABC,

“Surprisingly, it does not appear to be drastically affected by the environment or sunlight as might be expected considering its condition, although it tends to remain below the surface a little more than the others in the pod.” He added, “'I feel very fortunate to have seen this incredible mammal and lucky to be able to work and live in the area where such a fantastic creature frequents.

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